How A Product Is Designed: An Introduction To Product Design Stages


Have you ever think that how a product is designed, what is the process and how many stages are there between the first and the last one? If yes, then the answer is here.

Stage 1: The Design Brief
The design brief means what the problems a team has to address and from the starting point what are the strategy that a team has to apply for a successful outcome. Yes, one will not get, overall idea and information about from where to start a design process but somehow it helps.

Stage 2: PDS – Product Design Specification
Most of the people misunderstood and overlooked this step, but they don’t know how important it is. Sites like digital planner always know the vitality of this stage and first find the specification and problem in details.

Before starting on any product, one must have to aware about the upcoming difficulties and problem during the process, and hence one has to must design this document after proper analysis and discussions with the customer.

Stage 3: The Concept Design
Now its time to start an outline solution. Keep the PDS document with you and start to form the design from concepts. Now, prepare the framework of the design, as per the product add all basic details.
In this stage, the role of the team is to generate the concept and evaluate it. From the multiple ideas, pick the one that is most suitable to the product.

Stage 4: The Concept Generation And Evaluation
During the concept stage, many people involved in the project as a developer and audience to lead the idea to the next level. Our of all expertise person, who has the most creative idea and solution to overcome the barrier will select. Why it is so because, with all these specialties, there are higher chances to create a unique innovation.

Once a company has a potential concept in hand, they have to pick a suitable design that can fulfill all the prerequisites of a particular business. Again, a team of expertise involves and take a look from each angle and choose a design to evaluate the product. The team aims to choose a design in such a way that it can fulfill the design requirement as well as can overcome from design-related problems.

Stage 5: The Detailed Design
At this stage, the concept and design are chosen, and a team of knowledgeable person has already started working on it with details. At this stage, all the details are added in the product and test it in real situations. During the trial, it is possible that some real-life problem also comes and here team to diminish all of it by keeping in mind all the units of the business.

Stage 6: Eliminating In Design
It is the final stage of the product design process. Here the goal of the team is to eliminate all repeated process or unnecessary things that are not needed or important.