5 Benefits to Using Instagram to Market Your Products


If you want to create visual content for your business, then Instagram is the best powerful platform for that. You might have already created your own Instagram account or, if not, at least seen Instagram photos on other platforms. There’re many easy-to-use photo editing tools you can choose from when it comes to using Instagram.

Instagram has attracted the attention of thousands of small and large brands because it has more than three million active users. Are you wondering whether Instagram is worth the effort for your business or brand? Here are 5 benefits to using Instagram to market your products:

Top 5 Benefits of Instagram as a Marketing Tool

1. It Connects You with Customers
Many people think Twitter and Facebook are the only social media networks for connecting and engaging with customers online. Therefore, you might be shocked to hear that Instagram has the most engaged and active users. A research found that Instagram generates followers over 120 times more than Twitter per engagement.

Instagram is, therefore, the best platform for connecting with clients and customers because of such high user engagement. With Instagram, you can build relationships with your customers and listen to their feedback. You are also able to share your new product photos and ask users for their views about your product.

2. Enables You to Learn What people Like
You may not know or even realize, but your Instagram followers might already be sharing your photos and even discussing your business on Instagram. This is true, especially when your business is located in an area they regularly visit such as cafes or restaurants. Most people would only share photos of the type of food they love the most.

Instagram allows them to post photos of the meals they’re enjoying and even tag the specific location. People also love sharing photos of where they are. Once their location is tagged, your business is likely to be marketed to your potential customers.

3. Facilitates Reach to New Audiences
With Instagram, you can reach to new audiences such as businesses, photos and people through hashtags. Instagram is similar to other social media platforms in the sense that a link is created whenever a hashtag is included in a post. This allows easy views and access to all the photos shared using the hashtag.

Hashtags can also be used proactively to find your potential clients. Besides hashtags, Instagram also has a ‘Discover’ tab that functions to help users connect with other users when looking for relevant photos.

4. Boosts Other Marketing Channels
Any content you create on Instagram can easily be shared across other social media platforms for marketing purposes. Within the settings, social sharing to Twitter and Facebook can be enabled. This means photos are auto shared on other channels whenever they’re posted. Email marketing campaigns can also use the photos posted.

5. Increase Sales and thus ROI
Images created with a professional look for purposes of product promotion come at a cost. That explains why Instagram is more than just for engagement generation. The platform also generates more sales and increased ROI. A research found out that Instagram can generate $65 for a sale compared to Twitter at $46 and Facebook at $55.

Look for creative ways of displaying your product photos instead of using similar captions on different products. You can also use automatic likes for Instagram to increase your sales, atop enjoying lots of other benefits.