Why Do You Need Web Hosting For Your Website?


Many people incline to think that having a domain name is enough to run a website actively. However, they failed to do that. To run a site actively and live on the internet you need to host a website. If you have a website with an attractive domain name, but if it’s not linked with any web hosting service, then it will serve no purpose. Many of us think that domain name and web hosting are similar but basically, these are two separate things. A domain name is like an address of your website which continually updated whereas the web hosting is a place where all the files of your site live.

Web hosting is like store where you store all your files and data of website to function instead of storing household goods. When you buy a website hosting service, you rent a server space on internet server where your web files will be placed. These files usually include your HTML and CSS files, documents, media files, and many more.

Why You Need Web Hosting?

These are the list five primary reasons why you need web hosting for your website:

1. SSD Storage:
A reliable web hosting service provides you with unlimited storage space for your data where you can store all the essential information. Having SSD powered hosting enhances not only your website performance but also ensure faster loading of your site. It also provides security off your data with the security plugins and other safety measures which can ensure that your site has a higher level of protection.

2. Fast Servers:
Web hosting allows more and more visitors to access your website in lesser time by decreasing downtime of your website. Downtown time is the period when your visitor is not able to access your site, and this may result in losing many significant business opportunities which may have come to your way. To get rid of these problems you can rely on a trustworthy web hosting service providers. They not only help to provide accessible site but also make it mobile friendly too.

3. Tech Assistance:
An interruption in your website loading or functioning is very common and embarrassing too when it’s live, because your reliable visitors are waiting to offer business opportunities to you. In this case, it is must to have technical support from an expert. A reliable web hosting service provider gives 24*7 technical support to run your website smoothly without facing any problem.

4. Control Panel:
A reliable and trusted web host should be able to provide you complete access of control panel to manage your website and make appropriate changes accordingly. Through control panels, you can handle all your actions at every step and location into your site. So choose one out of many which are easier to use for you.

5. Better Marketing Opportunities:
What if your client or buyer face downtime while searching for your product or services? Well, it’s very embarrassing to have this problem on your website. To cater to this problem you can get web hosting services to from a reliable source. It not only maximise your chance to get better business opportunities but also helps to understand the potential customer to find your site and strengthen your online presence.

How to Choose a Reliable and Trusted Web Hosting?

Choosing a trustworthy platform to create a web hosting account is a challenging task. There is an end number of web hosting service providers who value your business and clients and provide excellent web hosting services. Hosting services are available in a wide range of prices ranging from few dollars to thousand dollars. Many of them offer monthly and yearly packages so you can choose one according to your need and budget.

– Choose according to your site will you be creating.
– Estimate the amount of traffic you expect every month.
– Decide what technical requirements you require before choosing one for your site.
– Understand server types.
– Choose the one who offers you full panel access.
– Choose a portable content management system.
– Select according to your monthly budget

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a web host, and it all starts with knowing what your needs are so you can find the host best suited to your business needs. So, if you have decided what you will be looking as an ideal web host, then consult green geeks web hosting. They value your money and serve you the best.