Top 10 Ideas For The Design of Your Own Site


Current marketplace requires every company to have a website that presents a professional image to visitors. Web design can contribute to the development of the brand.

Unfortunately, some websites are far from good. They fail to engage visitors and sell products or services. If you need a site for your clothing line, sports equipment, cookery, or beauty essentials, these examples of the website designs will provide you with enough inspiration. You’ll get some ideas and will be able to explain your vision to designers or use some tips if you decide to create it on your own.

1. is a personal robot accountant. This cryptocurrency trading bot is based on machine learning algorithms. It uses artificial intelligence to forecast changes in a currency’s value (e.g. Bitcoin) and identify major buying and selling opportunities. You will know the basic information by scrolling down and getting one letter at a time.’s minimalistic look is appealing to people who rather want to know clear data on the subject than staring on eye-catching images.

Tip: Provide the most important information about your business on the landing page.

Though vaping is a relatively new phenomenon, there’re lots of online shops that sell vape gear. It’s not so easy to design a site that will stand out from all the rest.

VapingDaily is a vivid example of a successful marketing. The site stocks a huge variety of electronic cigarette brands & models. But it has something else to offer.

Vapers can follow the latest industry news, read vapor cigarette reviews at Vapingdaily, and look through the ranks of the best vapes. Here you can find a quit smoking guide and will find out how an e-cigarette can help you ditch your bad habit.

Tip: Provide everything a customer wants to know about your business niche, including the latest news. That will make visitor return to it again and again.

When you land on this social commerce platform, you’re welcomed with a bright and energetic view that conveys the overall aesthetic of the brand. The Jumper’s signature electric purple color dwells in the menu bar and the background imagery. It adds depth and excitement.

The images and screenshots on the rest of the page stand out against the clean background which makes them conspicuous and powerful. That’s what can boost your social media marketing strategy, as the company’s site makes the first impression for potential clients.

Tip: Utilize the power of color and imagery to pull users into the site.

This handmade jewelry display website is another example of uncluttered website design. It employs a full-screen video to dynamically demonstrate the production process of the products. This allows seeing how attentive the developers are to the details in every item of jewelry they craft, tempting the user to buy a unique and high-quality product.

Moreover, the harmony of the background video with the overall design and the color choice creates a sense of fashion and elegance.

Tip: Optimize your website with videos that clearly convey your business’s products and services.

In spite of the abundance of products (utility items for cars, personal usage, pets, and more), this e-commerce website doesn’t look overloaded. A simple design and easy-to-use interface are necessary when the number of products can bewilder the customer.

The aim of Str8upDiscounts is to let you know about the most competitive prices. It offers free shipping for most of the items and the delivery time is about one-two weeks.

Tip: Let your visitors know about special offers.

This e-commerce website features beauty products for women – hair extensions and 3-d eye-lashes.
The minimalist design approach is a proper choice for these types of products. A lot of white space emphasizes products and content. Photos show the ultimate result customers can expect for. They act as a hook.

Tip: If you want to build an e-commerce website targeted at women, ensure to provide photos that show how beautiful can every woman look with a help of your products.

Crossrope presents the only interchangeable jump rope system on the market. Its private fitness community consists of more than 75,000 jumpers from all over the world.

“We don’t just sell jump ropes” says the Crossrope team. Indeed, they show that jump rope work out can be both effective and fun. On their site, you can download an app packed with helpful tutorials, new workouts, and fitness challenges.

Such an atypical approach differs Crossrope from the majority of fitness shops we’re accustomed to.

Tip: An original approach to a common thing is the key.

This online platform celebrates craftsmen, artists, and makers alike. Here you can find their stories. An organized layout, a proper use of images, and the absence of advertisement don’t distract visitors from the major asset of the websites – the stories.

Strong visuals and a clean, well-structured design give validity to a website. People feel they can trust what they read.

Tip: Use elements that can help establish trust in your brand.

Opus sells organic and natural potting soil. To demonstrate the benefits of their product, they post plenty of photos of greenery.

The content is selective. It only communicates information that matters to customers. They can found out the ingredients and physical properties of the soil and directions for use.
It’s nice to see that they have a blog where new articles are added regularly. Delightful posts inspire gardeners and provide useful advice.

Tip: Add a blog to boost interaction with your customers.

Bon Bon Bon is a chocolate company based in downtown Detroit. This is the second version of the site. The first one failed to effectively advertise the business.
The Bon Bon Bon team describe their site as “funky” and “user-friendly” that “captures the spirit” of their chocolate products.

The site offers an awesome custom feature called “The Bon Box Box Box Builder”. You can select your favorite confectionery, put them into the cardboard box, and get them delivered wherever you want.

It’s impossible not to want something sweet after visiting the site. Just in a year after the launch, Bon Bon Bon experienced a whooping 415% increase in sales.

Tip: If your site doesn’t bring new customers, think of refining it.

Just the fact that you have a site won’t necessarily boost your business growth. Remember, that a visually attractive design is what you need for presenting your products or services in the best possible light.

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