Codester – A Developer’s Helping Hand


Let’s say you are a developer with hands full of new jobs and opportunities, a lot to do and so little time to finish your project and meet your client’s needs. You know what to do, you just need some trustworthy help. Or, you could be on a quest to find your place in a constantly growing population of web designers and you need a breakthrough. You have something to sell but you are not sure where to find people interested to buy it.

Maybe you are none of the above but you are still a developer, meaning you are under a constant pressure not only to finish your tasks or to produce new ideas but to stay up-to-date with latest versions of packages.

For those who need some assistance there is something that can ease the developer’s pain and make your suffers more bearable or at least some of them.

It’s out there; you just have to find the way to use it for your benefit.

What is Codester and how can I use it?

Codester is an online marketplace created for developers and designers where they can buy and sell various ready-to-use web development assets. Needless to say, these components can drastically reduce development time and cost on projects. For example, if you are working on some large and demanding project you can purchase these software solutions, customize them and integrate into your own work.

Currently, there are several thousand software programs available for purchase. They are divided into five categories: Scripts&Codes, App Templates, Themes, Plugins and Graphics, and each of them has its own subcategories, such as PHP scripts, WordPress pluings, App Tamplates for Android, User interfaces and much more. This way your time is significantly saved and if you know what you need, you can easily find it. All categories have the “Most popular” segment, which makes your search even faster if you are looking for ideas or inspiration.

When you click on the product, besides the overview with description, requirements, and instructions there are also segments for Reviews, Support and FAQ, all in one place. So, before you even start reconsidering, you can find more useful information from other users, which can sometimes be more than helpful. Some products have a live demo and in some cases, you can test the product before you buy it.

As you reach the end of the purchasing process it doesn’t mean it’s over; along with the product you also purchased the following updates, if available. Most importantly, any support or help you may need is also included in the price.

If you are not in a hurry and you found some interesting product you would like to buy, you can try your luck and wait a bit; maybe this particular product will be offered on Flash Sale. Products offered on this type of sale are available for a short period of time with 50% discount, all benefits included as on regular sale.

The pleasant thing about buying on Codester is an opportunity to buy some files cheap and when I say cheap, I mean… for free! Every week a new set of products are available and the only difference compared to products for sale is that updates and support are not included. Sometimes, in this section, you can find a five-star product and if you are concerned that you may need support, you can always purchase this product, for its usual price.

These offers are time limited so if you have your eyes on some free products, you should bear in mind this important detail.

If you came to Codester to sell you’ll feel more than welcome as registration is completely free, meaning no surprises in form of hidden fees or similar. Furthermore, there is no limitation on the number of uploads. Every single upload has to go through a certain checking procedure performed by the Codester technical support. Once approved, your product is finally ready to enter the market. The decision about the price is solemnly yours and the seller earning is 70% of the price, which can be transferred to you via Pay Pal or directly to your bank account.

What can you sell? Well, everything that is already present in their offer and much more. So, if you have something that could be interesting for sale and you’ve spent many days overthinking, this could be the chance you’ve been waiting for!

The opportunity to earn money on Codester doesn’t end here. You can become a member of the Affiliate program and earn money by spreading the news about their products. All you have to do is to log in to your account, create affiliate links and distribute them on the web. Every time someone uses your link you will receive 10% of their purchase. Being logged in on Codester you can leave your referral link on social networks by a simple click on network logos, placed on the page of each product.

In case you are searching for information or inspiration and ideas, you can visit the Forum and Blog sections. On Forum, besides the discussions on general subjects concerning using Codester you can also find topics on practical issues such as how to promote product selling, or topics about items requests, feedbacks and suggestions.

In Blog department, you can find many interesting and useful articles with recommendations on how to improve your skills, optimize your products or simply to stay in touch with the latest news in web developing.


Is it useful, money well spent? For some of you, sure it could be if you find the right way to use its benefits. If you get lucky and find its usefulness just so you know, you can open a Codester credit and deposit a certain amount of money, for a year. This way you won’t need your credit card for every purchase.

Codester could be a whole package or just a small part of the solution to your problems, but most definitely it could be a helping hand to make your professional life easier. For some developers, it could be a successful beginning, for others a step to further achievements.