Reasons Why People are Leaving Your Website – and What to do About it


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a product, service, or portfolio website – your web address needs to reflect your value as a business and present your brand in the best light possible. Your marketing efforts will ultimately lead back to your website. This makes maintaining a perfectly working website that much important.

Indeed, creating and maintaining a website can be a difficult and dreary task, and everything you do must lead towards better benefits to your down line – not to people leaving you for your competitors.

Here are some of the reasons people are leaving your website and what you can do about it.

You have no clear marketing strategy and business plan

Creating a website for your business doesn’t mean that people will just come. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception most people have when they set up their websites. They assume that they can just acquire a domain name and will see traffic and sales instantly. This can be hard to accept when a business majorly relies on its website to generate income.

Before you give up your time and money for your website, meet up with your team and construct both a business plan and marketing strategy. Having a well-planned business plan and marketing strategy do take a lot of work in the beginning, but the results will make setting up your website more effective. Since this is an increasingly popular, as well as a growing field, you can expect a plethora of online marketing strategies to help you.

Design and message lacks harmony

While the design of your website is essential, you also need people to love your message and overall appeal, but it’s not everything. More than owning a website that’s a joy to look at, it requires the ability to convey the message you want people to understand, such as the business objective, quality content and plan of action for visitors that you’ve spent time working on.

All great website look visually outstanding, but visitors just as usually look to the copy in the long run. Balance is a big deal because you want the website’s design to allow visitors to be distracted from the actual reason that the website is created in the first place; to present your products/services and make them buy them.

You chose the wrong Host and/or platform

The reality is that there are a couple of available free hosts, like Weebly, WordPress and Blogger, so why spend a single dime for a host? Especially when these so called free options are fast and very easy to set up.

The thing is, there are a lot of known issues associated with free hosts. For instance, most people won’t take your business seriously if you don’t have a private domain name ( Moreover, important functions, such as social media channel integration or shopping cart, may not be available.

The biggest disadvantage from free hosts is that you don’t really own the site or content you created. Also – security. If you’re looking to create an e-commerce store, then a privately-owned website is a must. Untrusty websites are hated by buyers. This makes spending for host worth your investment.

There you have it. If you want people – your potential customers to love your website – then the suggestion is obvious. You NEED to have a clear business and marketing strategy, have a good web design/content, and have your own website through a trustworthy host. The first step is to secure your desired domain. Check domain name in the WHOIS database to begin looking. Don’t forget to ask for assistance from the provider if any process seems daunting.

Best of luck!