4 Signs That Your Website Need to Upgrade to VPS Hosting


Most of us choose shared hosting service when we create our first website. And why not? Shared hosting is a perfect choice when it comes to hosting a small website. However, as our website grows and it starts getting a lot of visitors in a day, it becomes important that we look for a powerful hosting environment that can handle the needs of a growing website easily.

A virtual private server would be an ideal option if you find your site is surpassing the resources offered by a shared hosting. After all, it is designed to offer a better performance, security, and control over the server resources.

In this post, we will talk about a few signs that will inform you that it is time to upgrade your shared server to VPS server. Let’s have a glance at them.

Your Users are Complaining About Slow Website Loading

Undoubtedly, a good shared hosting plan can accommodate a good amount of traffic. Any shared hosting plan will work perfectly for you when your website is in the beginning phase.

However, as your website will start getting popular, and receive a ton of traffic, your shared hosting plan will not be able to keep it up. The loading speed will be one major issue that you will encounter.

This is not the shortage of disk space capacity and bandwidth always causing this slow website issue, sometimes another website that you are sharing server resources with can stop your site from performing perfectly. If your audience is complaining about slow website loading, you should switch to VPS hosting for sure. Usually, a website that is receiving more three hundred visitors per day can go for VPS hosting.

Increase in Downtime

If your business is generating a large share of your revenue online, you can’t afford to see even one-minute downtime. With most shared hosting plans, you may experience more frequent and longer downtimes. There are many shared hosting providers that add as many users as possible to increase their profit. It puts extra load on a server resulting in continual downtimes.

There is no dearth of shared hosting providers that claim to offer 99.9% uptime. However, in most cases, the reality is something different. So, if you notice your site is experiencing downtime more than usual, it is definitely a time to upgrade to VPS hosting.

You Are Managing Multiple Websites

With most shared hosting plans, you get an option to host multiple websites on the same account. This is a great option for any webmaster having multiple websites. Sometimes for the promotion of the main website, you have to create other sites so that you can bring more traffic to the main site. However, the major problem occurs when all your sites start growing. Sadly, your shared hosting provider will not be able to offer the necessary resources your websites needs.

For example, if you want to have a dedicated IP for one of your sites as it is required for an SSL certified, on shared hosting it doesn’t seem possible. In this case, you have no other options than upgrading to VPS hosting provider.

However, it is crucial that you invest in a trustworthy VPS hosting provider that has years of experience in the industry. A good VPS hosting provider must provide you with full root access with a dedicated IP, Ipv6 Support and super servers with SSD disk driver. Hostinger is one such company that is known for their affordable yet feature-rich VPS plans. You may take a look at their VPS hosting plans visiting this URL, www.hostinger.com/hosting_vps.

Your Site Need More Security Features

When you run a website that is visited by thousands of visitors in a day, it becomes very necessary to install enhanced security measures on it. More visitors on your site simply means more sales and that means there is more personal data available on your site that hackers can hack.

With a shared web host, you run a high risk of having your website hacked. In most of the cases, hackers can enter into your site through vulnerable code can steal all sorts of confidential information available there.

Usually, in a shared hosting environment, if one website is under risk it can affect the whole server and cause harm to other website hosted on that server.

Upgrading to VPS hosting plan seems a good way to avoid these type of hosting service.

So, if you’re experiencing any of the above signs, don’t take them lightly. Your website needs a good VPS hosting provider for sure.