Ten Things A Great Dating App Must Have


Dating apps are an incredibly popular way of finding dates. Yet, there are some dating apps like Naughtydate that stand above other dating apps because they offer the best features. That is why we are looking at the ten things that a great dating app must have to be counted among the best out there today.

1. Identity Verification
The first thing that a website is going to need is a way for you to enter into your profile in a way that is unique and safe like a password or touch pattern. You want to make sure that nobody else is going to get into your profile by mistake or for malicious purposes.

2. Ability To Screen New Members For Intentions
Every dating app needs to block bots and people looking to scam with a series of tests. You should have to complete some form of test to set up a profile to ensure that you are actually a human being looking for a date.

3. Blocking Capabilities
Not every person on a dating app is a good or honest person. That is why it is necessary to block these types of people from time to time. Good apps let you block rude people; the best ones have so few rude people that you barely need to use it.

4. Video Chat
Texting is fun and everything, but there needs to be a way to take dating to the next level without meeting in person. Video chats solve this problem immediately.

5. Dating Profiles That You Can Read
When you are looking for a date, you should be able to read their profile and see what the person is looking for. You don’t want to date someone just because of their looks; it will usually end badly.

6. The Chance To Meet The Person
There are a lot of dating apps that want you to stay on the site only. The best dating apps encourage you to date online and then meet when they two of you are ready, maybe even suggesting spots to meet.

7. Picture Chats
Even if you are not in the mood for a video chat, you should always have the feature available to send pictures. You might want to send something funny or serious, and it simply improves every dating experience.

8. See Who Likes Your Profile
The ability to check out the people who like what you have to offer makes finding dates fun, mysterious, and a lot easier. This feature needs to be included on every app to be considered great.

9. Search For Nearby Dates
Nobody wants to date people more than fifty miles away. The desire to date online in the modern day is predicated upon being able to realistically meet them. Searching close by ensures good dates online and in person.

10. Real Time Notifications
If that person that you want to date gets back to you on the app, you will want to see a notification. Waiting is the worst thing for dates, and you don’t want to be passed by because you weren’t on the app at the precise moment.

All of the features that are listed here are must-haves for the best apps for dating today. While not every app is going to have them for one reason or another, they are great guidelines for choosing your future base of operations for dating. Remember, the better features that the site has, the better chance you have at finding a date. With all of these features available, finding any sort of date will be much easier.