Popular Tools to Help Your SEO and Online Marketing


This is one of the most popular SEO tools on the market. MOZ has many functions, but some of the most popular are:

1. Keyword tracking tool – this allows you to see the fluctuations in your keywords as you work on your SEO strategy. You get weekly updates and can track up to 300 keywords with the basic plan, and up to 10,000 on their premium plan.
2. Backlink analysis – this can be used to monitor your own backlink profile, and to understand what links are causing an increase in your keyword rankings and traffic. You can also use this tool to perform backlink analysis, and up to 4 URLs can be compared at once. This can be used to create a list of potential outreach targets.
3. Technical analysis – MOZ also has a very powerful technical SEO tool. This can be used to perform website audits and will identify page errors, redirect issues and gaps in a website’s on-page SEO.

Google Search Console

This is one of Google’s most powerful tools, previously known as Google Webmaster Tools. This tool is free to use and gives insight into the performance of your online marketing efforts. A particularly powerful tool is the query analysis, which shows what keywords your website users are using to find your website. KnP Net Media is a power user of this tool and give some great advice on how to best use the sitemap tool.

Google Analytics

Another of Google’s free tools, every person doing online marketing should have this integrated with their website. Google Analytics gives detailed information on the users of your website, including the marketing channel they used to find your website, where they live, genders and more. This information can then be used to better target your audience.

Answer the Public

This is a very interesting and useful content creation and keyword analysis tool. Add in a topic, or search term and this tool provides a huge number of questions and statements that people are searching for. When deciding on what content to produce, this is a great source of content ideas, and by targeting these terms you can drive additional traffic to your website and better understand your user.


Used for building, managing and sending information to your email list, this is a great tool that all online marketers to consider. If you are building a list of email addresses to send marketing material to, Mail Chimp can be used to build the email and has many templates to choose from. Once you have sent your emails Mailchimp give stats on open rates, clicks and more that can help you understand the quality of your list and the types of content that they respond well to.


This can be seen as a competitor to SEO MOZ and has some similar features. What we like this for in particular is for estimating the traffic of competitors.