Points to Ponder, Why Your Logo Fails?


Communication in businesses are the hidden way to be successful. Interaction with your target markets or users is obvious. Not necessary the contact must be direct, indirect contacts has their own importance. Day to day marketers bombard numerous ads and variety of products. This increases the complexity for the user to retain the identity of each brand. First thing the marketers suggest for a difference from other brands is the design of logo.

Logo is the indirect way of communication with the customers. Moreover, logo is perceived as the first point of interaction for the business. It is considered as the face of company. After this then comes packaging and advertisement and word of mouth that helps in retaining the brand identification. Designing successful logo is the first step of the success stair case. Failing at the first step will make many difficulties for the business man. You must take these facts under consideration while designing the logo for your business.


The purpose of logo is to give a brief description about the type of business. Vagueness in the design of logo is the first mistake marketers mostly do. If designing is well, but clarity is not there due to usage of inappropriate color scheme, will ruin your efforts. Color scheme is the smart way to grab the attention of the users. It is very effective if you do research on the background data for the market you are going to target. The well renowned brand McDonalds fails in china just because of the color schemes of their logo.


If you google the 500 fortune companies one thing you must notice is the distinctiveness in their logo. If you fail in differentiating your self at prime level than its vey hard to retain the brand identity in the minds of consumers. Its useless to spend millions of dollars on advertising your brand. Identity is not only in terms of product you offer but by means you offer, and this must be unique. Similarity in any thing is not good. Business man should avoid the similar contents that makes difficulty for the user to memorize the brand with its specifications. This process can be vise versa if any company violate the copy wrights of your logo you can keep track of them by using different tracking apps like catch a cheater or snapcheat etc.

Discrimination and offensive logo

Competitors main task is to let your business down. To avoid this, we must take each step carefully. One rumor about your business can cause a serious loss. Logo delivers the silent message, as it is composed of variety of symbols, letters and shapes. We must choose that symbols, letters and color scheme that do not let any one to open criticism. Our main target is to please the users not to offense them hence, make sure your design must not carry any offensive content.