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As the world advances in information technology, censorship on information by government and private companies has likewise increased. Through the net, people are exposed to the current affairs in the other parts of the world and this makes some governments itchy. As such, they would like to control the flow of information into their countries.

One such country is Qatar. According to Reporters Without Borders (a press freedom watchdog); Qatar is ranked number 125 in the world. Some of the services that you cannot access while in Qatar are: dating services, political criticism, sexual health and some other topics. But if you want to have an access for it, take a look at this article from vpnAlert to know more about VPN in Qatar.

Importance of a VPN

However, there is some very good news. There is a way to go around all the restrictions. This is by using a VPN.
VPN stand for Virtual Private Network. What this basically means is that your IP address is hidden’ such that the government server cannot identify your location. As such, you will be able to access and browse the restricted sites that you so wish.

Express VPN
Express VPN is based in the British Islands in the Caribbean which is a safe haven for data privacy. You are assured that your data is very much secured from third parties who might want to steal it.

What We Like About It
– Kill Switch Feature
The VPN provider has a very unique feature called the kill switch. What this means is that even if you lose your VPN connection, your IP address will never be exposed.

– Supports Major Operating Systems
Express VPN supports all the major Operating systems including Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, and IOS. The installation process is also very simple -all you have to do is download it and you are good to go.

– Very Fast
One of the major concerns of VPN is speed- they tend to lower the browsing speed. However, with Express VPN, that is not the case as it very fast.

– Does Not Have Restriction
The essence of using a VPN is to be able to access any information. With this VPN, you can download or stream anything without any restrictions.
– Very Secure
The VPN provides top notch security to your data. What this means is that your personal information cannot be stolen through hacking.

What We Do Not Like
– A bit expensive
– Slow speeds especially immediately after connection

CyberGhost VPN
CyberGhost is located in Romania and has one of the largest numbers of security features. It has a free basic version which you can subscribe to so that you get a feel of the provider’s services.

What We Like

– Very Advanced Security Features
The VPN provider has some of the most advanced security features in the market. It provides Ad blocker, NAT Firewall, Anti –Fingerprint and a host of other important security features.

– Many Servers
The VPN provider has over 1300 servers in the world in 59 countries. As a result, the system experiences very low downtime which means you will not be disrupted while browsing because of low internet connection.

– Has a Free Version
One of the best features of CyberGhost is their free version. This means is that you can get to test the efficiency of the service before you buy the program.

– Supports More Than One Device
You can connect up to a maximum of seven devices at a time. Therefore, if you have a laptop, a desktop, a smartphone, you can use the same plan on all the devices –provided they do not exceed seven.

What We Do Not Like
– Its plans are a bit pricy
– Does not have some advanced features which one expects from such a platform

IPVanish is a VPN provider which is a darling for gaming enthusiasts. The company has teamed up with Lag Assasin which has made the network desirable since you can make VOIP calls. It is also a perfect choice for people who like to torrent and stream songs, movies and live events on the net.

What We Like About It
– Provides High Security
– Uses very high tech SOCKSS proxy security to ensure that your data remains safe
– Has a kill switch
– Your Browsing History Remains a Secret
With the VPN service provider, you do not leave any digital fingerprint. This is achieved by making sure that your IP address remains hidden all the time.

– Zero-Logs Policy
No record of your internet activity is kept. This means that when using the VPN, your browsing history is automatically deleted. This feature is very important as it protects your online activities.

– Internally Developed
The platform is internally developed which means that there are no third party back-end developers involved. Therefore, there is no risk that your personal information might be leaked since the company has very strict security protocols.

What We Do Not Like
– The company does not have a very good customer care department
– It does not have stealth mode
– Does not support Hulu and has issues with Netflix network

Internet censorship by governments is an issue that is increasingly becoming very common. However, you should not live in the dark as there are very good VPN providers in the market. Highlighted above are three VPN providers that you can use in order to see what is going on other parts of the world.

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