Mastering Social Media for Superior Career Opportunities


When you want to advance as a social media account manager or a social media specialist, or to move into this exciting part of online business, you need a solid understanding of the basics. To get improved job opportunities working in the social media field, the more experience you can get, the better.

Specialist vs Account Manager

Only the very largest media agencies hire social media specialists that focus solely on one platform. For most people, if offers greater job security to diversify with knowledge gained across multiple social platforms. This is because social platforms don’t always remain successful (Myspace) or fail to live up to their early potential (Google Plus). As a generalist, you’ll have more employment options and potential career opportunities.

Even if you have become a specialist with just one social platform, that doesn’t mean you cannot develop a broader knowledge base. Make it a point to spend some time each weekday advancing your knowledge and skills on another social platform. Use four different platforms and one rising star over the course of a week to develop yourself.

Key Opinion Leaders

Brands are more effectively managed when there’s a focus on the key opinion leader (KOLs). These people rise above the noise of social media chatter where their ideas and thoughts matter in the industry they’re involved in.

Depending on the industries you tend to get involved with, you need to create and use a system that helps to identify who the KOLs are and follow their content. Keeping up with their latest thoughts on important subjects is beneficial when discussing new opportunities with clients or interviewing for a job. It demonstrates that you’re current with the latest thinking.

Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers are highly-followed people covering different industries and niches. While they’re not key decision makers or necessarily even KOLs, when they recommend a product or service, other people listen. Many times, they’re sponsored by companies to give a shout-out about a product or service to promote it to their hundreds of thousands or millions of followers.

When you work in certain industries on a regular basis, it’s a great idea to connect with important influencers to have their ear. This can then be mentioned at a job interview to demonstrate that you’re proactive about developing useful contacts benefiting in-house clients.

Global Employment Opportunities

Some jobs are location dependent, like social media jobs Thailand based, but there’s also co-working around the world too. If you cannot get a job locally, then working for a distant employer is always a possibility. As long as they can see the productivity and time that you’re putting into promoting their clients effectively, it doesn’t matter where you conduct that activity from. When social media jobs in the UK or Asia are limited, there are always some employers who accept co-working arrangements.

For enthusiasts of social media, they dig deep into what’s happening on each major platform. If that’s you, then let that positivity shine throughout your career. It often makes all the difference.