3 Marketing Channels for Your Startup Business


Are you in the process of opening your first business? This is an exciting time, and you’ll have to make many important decisions in the coming months. One area that will need your attention is marketing — a vital aspect for all businesses. If you’re ready to get started, check out some of the best marketing channels for new enterprises.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that features free and premium services such as targeted ad placement. Don’t get distracted by the sheer volume of social channels, though. You don’t need them all. Google and Facebook are recommended for their number of users alone, but they also have excellent advertising tools. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and other sites may only be worth your time if your users are active on those channels.

Influencer Marketing

Every business needs a social media presence, even if just to register basic info online and to field questions from customers. Ideally, you’ll do much more, but the power of social media isn’t limited to your own efforts and the content your company produces and shares from its accounts. Even if you’re just a small business with a niche product, you can benefit from social media and influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing traces its origins back to celebrity endorsements. In the golden age of television, having a famous person promote your product was a common tactic. Though this still happens, marketers have found that it’s often more effective and more affordable to reach out to individuals with followings on social media and ask that they talk to their audience one-on-one about a product or service.

If you’re totally new to the idea of influencer marketing, here are some pointers to start with:

Have a budget in mind: Think about how long you want to run an influencer campaign and what kind of ROI you hope to achieve.

Focus on your industry: You don’t need to contact the biggest Youtuber or Instagram celebrity. Instead, look for influencers in your field or those familiar with the types of products or services you provide. This way, you’re reaching an audience that already has knowledge of your field and is much more likely to check out your site.

Coordinate influencer marketing with other advertisements or promotions: An influencer can generate interest in your site, but you need to be ready to handle the extra traffic. This means having your online store ready, ensuring your network can handle more traffic, and preparing any promotions or loyalty programs you need to close sales.

With these basics in order, you’re ready to move forward and choose an influencer to work with your company.

Local SEO

Regardless of which channels you choose, focus on local SEO. Share content that’s relevant to your users, can consider leveraging community service and engagement to build your brand. Sharing locally focused content will improve your rank on search engine pages, and it will help potential customers looking for an immediate solution find your business.

Marketing is complex, but with the tools at your disposal, you can handle it even as a first-time business owner. Keep these pointers in mind as you continue working on your enterprise.