How to Improve Students’ Writing Skills


For students, writing is as difficult as climbing a mountain. It’s true that this is a sophisticated skill that requires utmost attention and lots of learning, but once you begin writing and practice a lot, you will definitely master it and be able to write high-quality papers for yourself. When it comes to writing essays, many students hire essay writing companies like or freelance writers considering it the best and easiest way to get their projects done. However, teachers can encourage students to write their papers without anyone’s help and should bear in mind the following things.

Encourage students to write regularly

In order to improve skills to an extent, you can encourage your students to write their papers themselves. It may not be possible for many of them do that, but if you sit with them and make things understandable for them, then there is no reason for why they would deny you. If you give them good marks for their own works, then they will definitely be pleased and be encouraged to work harder next time. In the same way, if you penalize them for poor writing or for outsourcing their projects, it will alert them that they would have to stop themselves from outsourcing their work.

Understand their mental capabilities

Obviously, every student has his own mindset. Some of them may be clever and sharper than the others, while some might be able to learn their lessons easily. Thus, it is important to understand the mental level of your students. As a teacher, you can work on writing ideas along with brilliant students of the class. In fact, you can get the most brilliant students in the class involved in this thing. Ask them to help the mentally weak students in their studies, once the lecture time is over. It will not only build a sense of responsibility in all of your students but also will help them understand theories and concepts based on their own mental capabilities. If possible, deliver the same lecture in the class twice or thrice until or unless the concepts are not cleared to every student.

Practice, practice, practice

For improving writing, students must be asked to practice on a daily basis. As a teacher, you can assign them a topic or two besides the regular projects or homework, and ask them to write essays on those topics and submit them back the next day. The more you pay attention to this thing and help them write daily, the higher will be their chances to achieve success. Similarly, if you are a conscious mother or father who wants her/his child to improve writing skills, you need to help them complete their essays at home. Guide them how to write well, provide them with clear formats, and check their essay once it is completed. Both parents and teachers would have to play their role in this regard and help students enhance their writing and reading skills within weeks.

Provide clear instructions and make things understandable

One of the major mistakes teachers make is that they do not provide their students with clear instructions. For example, if you have assigned a topic to the class and asked the students to write an essay, then you need to tell them whether it is a compare and contrast essay, persuasive essay or other. Plus, you should tell them which writing style you want to use in the essay and how many references are needed. If you do not provide them with such details, then the paper’s quality is likely to be lower than your expectations.

Give a starting point or assign an easy topic

For college writing, teachers should give students a starting point or assign them easy topics until or unless they have not mastered the writing techniques. For example, if you ask your students to compare two movies, then you would have to tell them how the paper should be started, such as the introduction should consist of backgrounds of the two movies as well as their main characters. Examples you can find at Similarly, the body paragraphs should have arguments and supporting examples, and of course, the conclusion is required in all types of essays. With these things in mind, students will come up with quality essays and their writing skills will significantly improve.

Provide feedback and reward the best students

You must be aware of the fact that feedback is important in any paper or work. Until you do not provide your students with comments to improve, they will never get to know anything about their mistakes. For college student writing, you should reward the best students and help the others to improve themselves in the future. It is possible only when you go through their essays, provide feedback, mark them properly, and see who the best students are and who are weak in relevant subjects. If you ignore the weak students and do not help them remove mistakes from their papers, they will never get to know how to improve their writing skills and may end up getting poor grades in the exams.

Have students read on a regular basis

Successful students always read a lot and know how to improve themselves with time. In contrast, weak students do not read much and spend time with other things. It is your responsibility to encourage students to read a lot. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, you can provide them with loads of books to read and get inspired by. A large number of books on writing tips are available which can be used for this purpose. The more they will read these books, the higher will be their chances to achieve success and polish their writing skills.


Writing is not a rocket science; in fact, it is one of the basic and most essential skills students should understand and respect. If they do not write well, they will neither get success in their academic career nor in the professional life. As an employee, they might have to write official documents or applications based on the requirements of their boss. So, preparations are needed to be started today. You should encourage them to write well, pay attention to their studies, and make them understand that outsourcing their projects won’t get them any success.