The Most Common Errors in the Universe of Content Marketing


However, sometimes and even with these three ingredients, we run into errors that torpedo the success of our content marketing strategies and leave us stranded in the middle of the ocean (of content marketing).

Nobody is free of error, neither in life nor in content marketing, but it never hurts to know the faults that can spoil the party in this discipline. In this article, we review the most common errors in the universe of content marketing (and how to solve them):

1. Set aside conversions

Content marketing does not consist solely and exclusively in producing content. Beyond generating content, we must worry about associating that very specific objective content with conversion. It does not seem so, but a call to action at the right place can work authentic miracles. It is useless to light up the best content in the world if, afterwards, it does not translate into conversions and does not generate “marketer” results (which do not necessarily have to be financial).

2. Try to reach the whole world

If we get on the content marketing cart with the hope of connecting with everyone, we will be making a terrible mistake. Before giving birth to the contents of our brand, we must reflect carefully on the target audience we want to reach with our content. In fact, if we really want to generate quality content, we must ensure that this content is focused on a specific target audience (and their desires and needs). We have to make sure each content distributed well and for that, we may need such a specific SEO service. Adsy for example.

3. Ignore optimization in search engines

SEO should be the Siamese brother of any content marketing strategy. After all, and if we do not optimize our content with an eye to the search engines, these will hardly reach the eyes of the audience. We must optimize our content to facilitate its tracking by search engine spiders and to achieve this we must first conduct a thorough analysis of the thematic preferences of the audience and the keywords most used by our target audience.

4. Not exploiting the power of storytelling

Stories are an excellent way to baste the contents to connect with the emotions of the audience. And those stories are made taking into account the language spoken by the audience we want to address and the emotions that best connect with that audience. Storytelling must not lose sight of the tastes and preferences of the target audience at any time.

5. Do not bet on diversity

Content marketing offers us a multitude of formats (texts, images, infographics, videos, ebooks, etc.), so, for the sake of maximum efficiency, it is convenient to experiment with several types of contents simultaneously. The audience will thank us.

6. Leave the content to your luck

In content marketing, our work does not end when we have removed the content that we have previously “kneaded” from the oven. Once the content is finished, it is necessary to get down to work and work on the distribution of that content, for which we must take into account, once again, the preferences of our target audience.

By understanding the 6 mistakes above you can increase your chances of success in running your content marketing.