3 Easy Ways to Design a Theme for Affiliate Sites


Have you heard the world “affiliate”? For example, someone could have tried to persuade you to become an affiliate of their company. But even if you are familiar with the word, chances are you get pretty confused when it comes to explaining what it means.

In business context, the word affiliate has two definitions. In corporate context, an affiliate company is a company related to another company. Usually, the affiliate is partly (less than 50%) owned by the parent company. Generally, if one company has control over another, they are affiliated. The situation is the same if both companies are controlled by a third enterprise. How does affiliation take place? Generally, companies are affiliated by shareholdings, when one company partly controls the other, or when one company supplements another.

In the context of online trading, companies are affiliated in order to sell services of products. Generally, the retailer is a company which owns a website, on which affiliates are permitted to sell their products. This is commonly known as affiliate marketing.

If you are in the online trading business, undoubtedly you will have to develop your site in such a way that it is appealing to both customers and affiliates. To help you design a theme, mobilecasinohub website has prepared reviews on some of the most popular and best rated themes for affiliate sites.


SteadyIncome is a WordPress theme, which is designed specially for websites, earning funds through affiliate programs. SteadyIncome is regarded as one of the fastest loading themes available. You might think loading time is of no importance, but the case is not such. Choosing a theme that loads fast is beneficial as it usually provides higher conversion rates as well as a higher position in search engines – two “must-achieves” for any affiliate and any website owner.

Most online marketers are pleased to choose SteadyIncome as it offers access to a wide variety of features, such as e-mail list building feature, stylish social media icons, a fully responsive design, and many more.

Upon installing SteadyIncome to your website, you will be provided with a number of features which will help you customise it and make it your own. There is a great variety of features – from choosing a home page layout to more trivial features like picking the right font.

We advise you to become members of the MyThemeShop club upon purchasing SteadyIncome, which allows access to more than 100 inexpensive products.


One of the best WordPress themes available on the web is Jevelin. This is a highly responsive multipurpose theme, which aims to provide all web developers with a customer-friendly website building experience. Jevelin provides is excellent platform for servicing various projects. Anyone can use the Jevelin WordPress theme – it is well-suited for corporate blogs, business websites, online retailers, and many more.

Jevelin is a pliable theme which combines well-developed demo websites with tens of shortcodes, features, and elements.

Among the unique featues of Jevelin is a complicated drag and drop page builder, which allows customers to control the site’s visual details and behaviour. Moreover, Jevelin offers more than 40 built-in animations which can be integrated in each component of the site. Customising the theme is like a child’s game. The advanced admin panel settings are supplied with cool features like multiple pagination options as well as various header logos. Additionally, Jevelin has a slideshow feature, designed by Revolution Slider plugin.


This is a creative and expressive solution for a wide variety of websites – corporations, commercial enterprises, and individuals can all take advantage of this unique and eloquent theme. Oshine is praised for its unique capabilities for static websites, static webpage creations, single page websites, and many more. The theme utilises various innovations which allow for a swift and efficient design. One of the best things about Oshine is that it requires no coding skills at all.

Professional-looking static layouts are created easily using Oshine. The theme offers tens of pre-included demos which can be adopted. Take advantage of the expansive Parallax static and the high revolution vistas to bewilder your webpage visitors. Oshine even offers clients to utilise Parallax video backgrounds which could be hosted locally or remotely.

Oshine has a drag and drop visual page builder which allows for the creation of mesmerising layouts. You can generate one from scratch or base your creation on one of Oshine’s incredible themes. In addition, Oshine provides various premium slide features.

In addition, most themes you can purchase online come with a wide variety of features and can be used by corporations and small enterprises, online retailers, and many more. When designing a theme by yourself, it is pivotal to make it fully responsive and customer-friendly. Additionally, you should try to give your theme a short loading time, as this will make your site more appealing to clients.