5 Benefits of Using MYSQL


There are more than enough reasons why web developers make MySQL their default choice for web-based applications. Database building has now become the default choice for Web-based and database building applications. Over the years, MySQL has proven to be the most popular database and it’s ever evolving to handle the needs of an emerging breed of sophisticated database and network administrators.

As an open source, free to use database that prioritizes on effective management of relational databases, MySQL works in a way that it connects databases to respective software. The features on board make it the better option compared to the rest. Network admins or developers will tell you that it’s a reliable yet scalable and a powerful database solution.

MySQL Is Designed For the Web

Many relational databases built in the past decades were designed to cater to complicated ERP-based applications. However, MySQL was built and optimized for web applications. With time and several web evolutions, MySQL became the preferred option for developers. Its proven reliability, scalability and mysql backup ease of use made it the ideal open source database. Web outfits including Google, Twitter and Facebook are faced with growing need to handle big data and MySQL has grown concurrently to meet these needs. Its advantages include:

– Data Security
MySQL has a global reputation as one of the most secure and reliable database systems. Used across a range of platforms, it comes with its strong features including high fidelity status for transactional data. The latest version of MySQL is ideal for ecommerce store that handle volumes of conversions.

– 24-hour Uptime
MySQL provides an uptime guarantee 24×7. The presence of a diverse range of high-availability options such as specialized cluster servers and slave replication configuration makes it the perfect solution. In the modern data world associated with big data, the excellent power of memory exhibited by MySQL accentuates high database performance. It helps in keeping referenced information in memory accessible.

– Ease of Use and Administration
Ease of use has been a key design feature in MySQL since its launch. MySQL offers quick-start functionality that entails less than fifteen minutes from software download to installation. The intuitive and self-management features such as auto-space expansion, restart and dynamic configuration takes the pain out of the management for busy database administrator. The excellent ease of use aspect is further facilitated by superior database design, administration and tracking tools. The ease of use quality displayed by MySQL is crucial for quick and inexpensive deployment of new and established web apps.

– On-Demand Scalability
MySQL presents exceptional scalability to handle extensively confounded apps on a small footprint. This happens easily even when managing huge warehouses that houses stacks of data in GB or Terabytes. The superior on-demand flexibility makes MySQL a winner. You can easily customize your ecommerce store that operates with distinct database server requisites.
Established web entities need to keep up with an expanding client workload without compromising customer experience. With MySQL top performance and scalability, many web based enterprises cannot afford to rely on any other solution.

– Excellent Performance
MySQL comes with a distinct storage level blueprint that helps DBAs and system administrators to configure MySQL for uninterrupted performance. Even if you have an ecommerce store that deals with thousands of queries or a round the clock transactional processing system, MySQL is built to handle the most involving and query heavy applications without slowing down. Additionally, the full text index and unique memory caching enhance the performance.

– Comprehensive Workflow Control
Since it takes less than 20 minutes to download and install, MySQL offers same day execution across platforms like Linux, Microsoft, or Mac. The MySQL Replication is what makes developers choose this solution for its excellent scalability qualities. Administrators will quickly replicate multipage database copies going beyond their constraints to handle the demands of the ever increasing database workload.

– Reduced Cost of Ownership
If you move your current database application into the MySQL environment, your company will enjoy reduced overheads. You can cut costs by using scaled-out architectures, and you don’t have to waste time assessing recovery or down time. When you choose MySQL, you are assured of round the clock support and system insurance. Even if your idea is to use MySQL for your cloud database, it’s the preferred solution for private and public cloud.