What is User Experience in Design?


User Experience – also referred to as UX – is very important to the failure or success of any product that is launched in the market.

Over the years, UX has really been looked at from the angle of usability alone. Usability, in this case, being how easy it is to use a product. And while this is true and has remained so, it is not the only thing that is referred to when developers or UX professionals talk of UX.

– But what exactly is UX?

UX Design

UX design is ideally the process of developing products that offer relevant and meaningful experiences to users. It includes designing the whole process of acquiring and blending the product with other aspects such as branding, usability, design, and function.

UX design, is also commonly referred to as user interface design or usability. And while the two are important aspects of the UX design, they are just, but subsets as UX design covers a wide range of other areas too.

Products that are designed with the user in mind tend to have much better user experience and have users constantly buying from them because of the different aspects of the product that speaks to the user’s needs.

Equipment Needed for UX Design

When it comes to equipment needed for UX design, the number one equipment is a computer or laptop. Although computer developers target certain professionals with their wide range of computer products, as a UX professional, you can’t just buy any laptop.

In fact, it’s highly recommended that a UX designer invests in the best computer for UX design as this will make their work easier and allow them to process all the prototype design apps or programs that they use on their computers.

While a computer isn’t the only equipment needed, it’s the most important as the apps and programs required for UX professionals to execute will be stored on it. As such, you cannot make a mistake when buying a laptop and end up with one that doesn’t cut it.

Factors that Influence User Experience

Several factors influence a user’s experience. One such factor is that your product is useful. If your product doesn’t solve the needs of your users, there may be no need to actually launch it in any market.
Another factor is usability. When designing the product, it is essential to have the user in mind and give them what they desire and not what you think is good for them.

There are many aspects that make a product desirable. One such is through branding and emotional design, image identity among others.

User Experience Design and the User

When it comes to UX design, it’s always about the user and not really the solution. It’s more of always wanting to impact change and giving users the best experience when they are on your product.
In order to have the best UX design, it’s important that developers listen more to their users than rely on feedback from their users to pick what is necessary and give them what they want to see.