6 Tools Every Web Design Professional Must Have


Web design is both a science and an art – although you need much creativity to come up with beautiful designs, you also need tools to further perfect them or make them even more attractive. When it comes to tools, each web designer has his preferences. However, there are also tools that most, if not all, web design professionals will use.

We have rounded up the most useful and practical web design tools you can find online.

Lorem Ipsum

The layout of a website is fundamental because it adds to the visual beauty of the site. To make sure the design looks good, publishers, graphic artists, and print ads professionals rely on the Lorem Ipsum generator to view their visual mockups.

There are many lorem ipsum generators to choose from, but this one stands out from its cousins because of a few reasons. First, it is compatible with French, Spanish, Russian, and German, making it a gem for those who create visuals using these languages. Second, it is connected with other equally essential tools, such as the Word Counter and Color Codes. Imagine the designs you can create if you combine these tools.

Apptivo Field Service App

Are you tired of using different apps while working on a project? What if you have all your productivity apps, your CRM, and your Invoices in one app? That would be web design heaven, right?
The Apptivo team had considered the challenges and frustrations every web design professionals face and experience when they designed their field service solution, which contains seven apps – CRM, Invoices, Estimates, Work Orders, Help Desk, Orders, and Expense Reports.

With the Apptivo Unified App, you can get a detailed view of all your time-bound activities, such as meetings and to-do lists. You can also convert one object to another like opportunities to invoice or cases to work order. Finally, the Apptivo CRM simplifies your business processes and improves productivity because all the tools you need are in one place.

Deposit Photos

Whether you are designing a website or writing a blog post, the excitement and interest double up because of visual representations. As the old cliché goes, a picture can paint a thousand words. However, it can sometimes prove a challenge to find royalty-free photos or those with an extended license.

Thankfully, there’s Deposit Photos, an online image repository with more than 60 million images in store. For a minimum amount, you have access to this wealth of images including vector files, stock photos, and videos. The best part about this is you can download these images at any size including the high-definition version without paying extra.

Want to find a particular image? No sweat! You can search by category, by size, by photographer, by color, by licensing, and many more.

4K Stogram

Instagram has not only become one of the most popular social networking sites but has also become one of the most significant cloud services so to speak. Where else can you see a vast amount of pictures, videos, and other media forms but on Instagram? However, what if there’s suddenly a cyber attack which deletes all the data you have? Hopefully, you have a backup that keeps all those precious memories on Instagram.

The answer is yes! 4K Stogram is a free Instagram downloader which allows you to download videos and pictures from any account straight into your system. All you need to do is type the username, hashtags, or location and you have your actor or actress’s latest video on your computer.

WordPress FAQ Plug-in

FAQs are the quickest and easiest way to answer any concerns or questions your clients might have. If their questions are answered, you have met their needs leading them further to the next level of the sale process. It could even influence them right then and there, to buy.

The WordPress FAQ plugin by Heroic allows you to create and customize your FAQs through an easy-to-use drag & drop interface. There are five different unique styles with unlimited configuration possibilities. You can write your question and answer, group them, and add them to your site immediately using the FAQ configurator. Moreover, you can personalize it to reflect your brand and style.


Want to land that job in your dream company or attract the right client? Then you’d better start building your resume. However, what if you have no idea what kind of information to include in your resume?

No sweat because Novoresume resume template offers a step-by-step guideline so you can build the perfect resume. This tool has a wide range of fully customizable templates allowing you to express your creativity as a web design professional. These templates have passed the standard requirement of different industries.

Say goodbye to a jumbled looking resume and say hello to a beautiful looking resume with grammatically accurate sentences.


Never stop perfecting your craft as a web design professional nor should you be afraid of trying new styles. Above all, bring your game to the next level, stand above your competitors, and attract the right clients with these tools.