4 Small Business Ideas for Gamers


Gaming is a passion and in spite of how it was viewed at one point in time, it is no longer meant for children only. In fact, e-sports has basically turned competitive gaming into a profession for a selected few who are talented enough. However, building and updating that killer PC and buying the latest games every month is not cheap by any means, so we have four business ideas for gamers that might just pay off, literally!

Sell Games

Thanks to Amazon and eBay, anyone can start selling stuff online, so you don’t even need to make any significant investments in selling games. Aside from retailing the latest games bought from big wholesalers such as Regal and Japan Video Games, try and find some of the rare, vintage games because they sell for a small fortune due to their collector’s value.

Start an Arcade

This may seem like a bad idea in 2018, but you would be surprised by how many people still love arcade games. If you don’t believe in its potential, just take a look at the Galloping Ghost. Games from the classic Galaga and Pacman, to modern releases such as Alien Extermination and Dance Dance Revolution, prove much people still love playing in arcades.

Start a Gaming Production House

Thanks to mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, gaming has now reached all parts of the world and even people in their 70s are playing Candy Crush! You can take advantage of that and start a production house for mobile games. Even if you have no idea how to code, there is a lot of talent out there who would be willing to work for you, if you provide them with the financial base. There’s even Steam and the Nintendo marketplace for indie developers and production houses to launch their games from, while crowdfunding has already managed to fund brilliant games such as Pillars of Eternity and Grim Dawn into existence. There has never been a better time to get into games production.

Start a YouTube Channel

A lot of famous gaming channels on YouTube and Twitch are already catering to gamers, so you would have your work cut out for you. Nevertheless, if you are into gaming, then starting a YouTube channel could be hugely profitable down the line, provided you manage to amass enough views and subscribers, of course.

Just in case you are wondering why playing esports professionally isn’t on this list, then know that it’s because pro gaming isn’t a business, but if you are really good at any competitive games, you should definitely try your skills out against other players in a local tournament to see if you can’t make anything out of it yet. Before joining the competition though, make sure you have the right gear because that’s crucial.

While skill is the most important factor in competitive gaming, everyone is skilled at the higher levels and having inferior gear is a huge disadvantage that you will never be able to overcome as a pro gamer. Check out the best gaming headsets, chairs, controllers, mice, keyboards and everything else you may need on Extensively Reviewed Gaming.

Gaming doesn’t have to be just a hobby, so get on board and develop your skills for business purposes!