4 Things You Need to Start Printing Checks at Home


If you are thinking of printing your own checks then you must be looking for a solution to cut down on the cost of buying checks from banks. Personal users rarely need to write that many checks to justify the cost of the setup to start printing checks at home. However, if you are a user who already has a laser printer and a laptop at home, you already have most of the expenses covered. Instead of buying checks from the bank, which is way more expensive, you can simply order blank check paper and start printing at home. In this post, we cover the basic setup you need to start printing checks.

Check Printing Software: Some people print checks using Microsoft Word and other document editor software programs. However, it’s best to invest in a dedicated check printing software for the best results. Also known as check writers, most of these programs are not expensive and the one-time cost of buying the software is not much when you consider the money you would save printing your own checks. The software programs often integrate with your accounting software, which allows you to track all the checks issued.

Magnetic Ink: It’s important to use magnetic ink to print the bank account number and the routing number on the checks. This is mainly because a lot of banks use magnetic ink readers to read the checks before clearing them. Without the magnetic ink, banks are forced to clear the checks manually which is more time-consuming. Some banks even charge an additional fee to process checks that are not printed using magnetic ink. However, if you plan to order checks that come pre-printed with the account number and routing number, then you are free to use regular ink. Before you go buy a MICR toner (magnetic ink), it’s important to find out if your printer supports it. A quick Google search should help you find out.

Check Paper: Technically, you can use any standard printer paper as long as it has the right format and all the information. However, it makes sense to use specialized blank check paper. The special check papers make it difficult for fraudsters to alter the check details. Check paper also come with toner and bleach reactive technology that foils any attempt of erasing the printed texts. The standard bond paper used to print documents simply lack these security features and are thus insecure mediums to print checks. Apart from buying them from supermarkets, you can have blank check paper overnighted by getting next day checks from online check printing firms.

Printer: This one is kind of obvious. However, it’s important to note that the printer you select will go on to directly influence the cost of the printed checks. Printer companies often sell printers at bargain prices. What a lot of people don’t realize is that these printers need unique cartridges and they can be quite expensive. A cheap printer model can have an expensive replacement cartridge which can drive up the cost of the printed checks. Research the price of blank-ink cartridges online before you select any printer. Apart from the cost of each cartridge, try and find out the total number of prints each of them delivers. This should help you make an informed decision.