Top Mobile Application UI Designs for Inspiration in 2018


Mobile Design, finally, has become a crucial factor to consider while creating a potential mobile strategy. All are saying to use short and clickable icons, induce emotions into app design, gamify the app processing, and cut down the steps of the process so as to bring a smile on the users’ face. However, is it that easy? Is this knowledge enough to build a mobile app design? Where’s the inspiration?
If your mind is occupied with these questions or you are confused between different design samples, here are some of the best apps you can turn towards to get inspired and know what type of design you should build:

Best Mobile Apps to Recharge Your Creativity

Peak by Window
Available on both Android and iOS, this mobile application let the end users train their mind and enhance their mental strength with the help of games and such interactive activities. The app has bright colors and animated icons which trigger mind. Besides, the graphical representation of the user journey in a candy-coated color style and round buttons are making it easier for users to track their progress is an exciting manner.
Alike Peak, you can also use vibrant colors, but choose them wisely. Make sure that the colors allow you to create a unique, powerful, and eye-friendly experience.

Gboard by Google
Gboard keyboard app is one of the finest apps to consider when building a chatting app. The app offers plenty of services (write text, search on Google, insert GIFs, and much more) at a single platform – and that also without creating any confusion. It shows self-explanatory gifs and icons, making the chatting faster and impressive. Besides, it let the user’s type name of an emoji and see the possible options, which means they can learn which emoji is for what. This also boosts the confidence of the users and encourage them to use the application more often.
Just like this app, you can provide distinctive yet understandable icons and functionalities that induce emotions in users (confidence and excitement in this case).

Lively by Zoosk, Inc.
This dating app launched by Zoosk helps users to find friends locally and play a trivia game into a team of four. The players can video chat during the game as well as add non-players onto the chat platform. The app has a timer present on the top of screen and group video chats at the bottom of the screen. The four boxes signify four players, making it easier for them to chat without compromising on the space question needs.

From this app, one thing that you can learn and adapt for providing the finest mobile application design services is – keeping the screen simple and clean. Arrange all the elements such that they do not overlap each other.

Babbel by Lesson Nine
This app, just like Duolingo, is used for learning different languages. However, the app uses real-life images instead of animated content, which empowers users to easily relate things to their surroundings and learn effectively.
The basic UI inspiration this app can give you to create a potent strategy is to keep the focus on the main element (background should not distract users) and add enough white space.

Natural Home by Kihoo
The app has a decent and clear design interface because of which the end users can easily understand each of the functional section on the screen and execute.
You can also consider minimalist style just like Natural Home.

Hollar by Hollar Inc.
This eCommerce application let the users enjoy great deals on a myriad of products. The app design is simple, well-organized and equipped with engaging product photos that lure users to spend more time on the app.

Marline by Javi Perez
This mobile application has an elegant UI design along with smooth animations, crispy typography and soothing visual effects. From this app, you can learn how to make the right combination of colors and visual effects, and leave an everlasting impression on the app users with engaging typography.

Cool Cousin by Cool Cousin
The app might have an outlandish name but has a lucrative appearance. It has bright icons, high-quality images and other such UI design elements that delight users’ eyes.
You can also think of using high-quality yet optimized images to attract users. Besides, you can look forward to adding elements that show a human connection.

City Intro Animation by Vasjen Katro
Just like this mobile application, you can also embrace the dynamic visual effects and videos to engage users. Such elements will bring stronger impression on the users than the static images, and thus will encourage them for more intuitive visual feedback.

Healthy Food App by Tubik Studio
Based on the concept of boosting healthy lifestyle by rendering recipes and tips related to healthy food, this app is again another best option to consider before you step up to create a potent mobile strategy. The app has graphic elements and an amazing color selection that supports faster access to the information. The app interface design also included animation to show interactions with any particular product.

From this, you can learn how to create a mobile app design that is user-friendly, informative as well as attractive.

Have you found your inspiration from the above app examples? If so, create a potent mobile strategy, build an intuitive app design and enjoy the limelight in the mobile market.