5 Tips To Using A Landing Page To Convert More Users


A landing page is highly beneficial to your business as it has the potential to boost more conversions from prospective clients. These pages serve the purpose of capturing leads and directing them to the sales funnel where they can make purchases to your product or service. Here are 5 tips on how you can use a landing page to convert more users:

Have A Goal For The Landing Page And Stick To It

For a landing page to convert more users, it is vital that you have only one goal in mind. Having several different calls to action on the same page will confuse potential customers as it will be hard for them to understand what you’re offering and what you’re expecting from them.

Let your landing page focus only on one product or service that you’re marketing to the customer. Let your value proposition be limited to two lines so that your content can be short and clear. When this is done, it will be clear to your readers what you’re offering and what they should do to get it.

Use The Right Phrases On The Landing Page

The way you phrase your words, more so your headline, value proposition, and call to action can either boost or completely diminish the conversion rate of your landing page. Rather than using phrases that sound selfish and demanding to clients, you can opt to use phrases that present value to them and give them an urge and an unforced conviction to take action.

For example, phrases like, “Nothing else works except this. Sign up immediately.” Is a selfish misleading statement, but a phrase like, “Sign up for amazing deals.” Presents a good value proposition to the client and an invitation to be a part of it and this will result in more conversions.

Use Urgency To Drive More Conversions

Using urgency as a strategy in your landing page can result into more conversions. Assuming you’re offering a course on your call to action and you state that the first 50 people to sign up will get a 50% discount will result into more people acting quickly to get the discount offer. In the end, you’ll convert more users from the sense of urgency that you’ve created.

Use The Right Images On Your Landing Page

Images are important to have on your landing page if you are to convert more users. It is paramount that you place images that are relevant to what the landing page is talking about. People are more inclined to respond and spend more time on pages with well-placed images.

As such, choose images that match the products or services that you’re marketing to prospective clients and you’re guaranteed to get more conversions from them.

Have An Optimized Lead Form In Your Landing Page

To gain more conversions from your landing page, ensure that you set up an optimized lead form. The form should be short as longer forms will discourage visitors from filling them. The forms should only request for relevant information from clients that is specific to the product or service offering on your website. A perfectly optimized lead form on your landing page will convert more users.


A landing page is a doorway to more conversions for your online business. Need one for your website? Consult with Limitless for the best web design services.