11 Tips For Better eCommerce SEO


Have you ever thought of your current eCommerce business experience of how to implement simple yet powerful eCommerce SEO services that will greatly improve their rankings, traffic and sales? Or have you ever taken into account the most significant points in order to exceed your competitors by your success in the right eCommerce business tool?

Well, these tips will help you do just that. Here are some awesome tips for better eCommerce SEO.

Do you want to really rank that eCommerce site in the SERPs? Here are some awesome tips for better eCommerce SEO.

Generate Original Content

Original content in one of the main factors that help the algorithms of the search engines to rank websites. Given that e-commerce websites have some of the same services and products that are marketed by the competition as well, they frequently find that they are publishing generic content.

Instead of stock tags and descriptions being displayed for services and products, you should create original content that the search engines can detect and rank positively. Write helpful content that distinguishes services and products from the perspective of the customer.

These same rules apply when predefined databases and templates are used, which can result in lower SERP rankings given that the same content can be found on competitor websites. Make sure that you modify this content so that it is unique and contains keywords that relate to the subject.

Optimize Meta Descriptions

When it comes to search engine rankings meta descriptions aren’t one of the determining factors, however, they still may be efficiently optimized in order to increase Click Through Rates (CTR), to increase traffic. The following are a couple of ways that meta descriptions may be optimized to achieve maximum effects:

– Self-Explanatory: A website’s meta descriptions can help the visitor to determine whether or not the site carries the times that they are looking for, so you should write them from the point of the user in order to increase CTR.

– Concise: Meaningful and short descriptions should be used in order to leverage the reading preference of the average reader. Limit your description to below the 156-character limit in order to achieve maximum engagement with your site visitors.

– Convincing: Your meta descriptions should encourage the customer to take actions by including a Call to Action (CTA) to convince them to purchase services and products that your store offers, such as “Get Offer Now,” or “Free Delivery on Orders over $100.”

Allow Product Reviews On Your Site

Mistrust is one of the main reasons why an e-commerce website is abandoned. Even when a customer does choose a site, there is often no reference material that validates the quality of their decision.

Having customer reviews on your site provides prospective leads with the necessary information for finalizing their purchases. Customers consider reviews to be reliable content since users who have purchased their items have provided these reviews by submitting their honest responses without any promotional intent on their part. Customer reviews also provide original content that is freely submitted to your website. This enhances user experience and increases SERP ratings.

Offer Holiday Gift Guides On Your Site

Gift guides do especially well since they offer a broad selection of products that shoppers are most searching for and often are willing to share on their social media accounts. Heavily advertised gift guides also decrease how many clicks that are in between the homepage of your site and the holiday products pages. That is an advantage for the SEO bots that are spidering your website and serves as a helpful tool that can help to convert shoppers who are searching by using general terms like “top technology gifts” or “best holiday gifts for boys.”

Make sure to create a new page on your site for your gift guide instead of launching a new micro-site. It may not seem like much of a difference. However, it is huge for SEO. When a new page is created on your existing site it will reap all of the benefits of the SEO that is on your site. However, when a new site is created it has to start over from scratch. So instead of micro-site, use a new webpage on your existing website.

Review Your Load Times

For every additional second of page load time, customer satisfaction is decreased by 16% and there is a 7% reduction in conversion rates as well. The holiday season can be a reminder for you to review the load times on your leading landing pages. Login to your Google Analytics account, and check out the Site Speed tab in order to review your load times. Check your page performance as well.

If your site load times are lagging, the culprit could be your photos. All images should be saved for the web (this can be done in Photoshop) or a converter tool can be used for compressing large images. A couple of good options are Jpeg Optimizer and TinyPNG.

Obtain High-Quality Backlinks For Your E-Commerce Store

Would you like to increase the number of visitors to your Shopify e-commerce store? One great tip is to obtain quality backlinks. You can receive targeted and quality traffic very fast by creating a store profile on Yelp, Amazon and numerous other websites. This will also give you strong backlinks and traffic, to give your website a boost.

Incorporate 301 Redirects

Implementing 301 redirects will provide you with the benefit of keeping inbound links for pages that no longer exist on your website. This also enables you to send visitors to a different page on your site that relates to their search query.


Schema can change how your ecommerce listings are represented in the search engine result pages. Markup can result in eye catching listings through the creation of rich results increasing the chance a result page will be clicked by a searcher and so is a great op to increase e-commerce sales.

Target Google Shopping

When your product feed is included in Google Shopping it can be a great way of gaining visibility from prospective buyers and also improve your customer loyalty. Google Shopping feeds not only have higher conversion rates compared to other types of PPC but in addition have lower cost-per-click rates as well.

Remember Mobile

Shopping-related mobile searches influenced 28% of last year’s holiday retail sales. This year has seen similar trends continue with omnichannel selling coming the retail industry’s standard. That is why it is more important than ever for businesses to adhere to the responsive mobile website mandate from Mobilegeddon this holiday season as well.

Mobile devices are used by 75% of shoppers for researching products in-store while 25% of shoppers use their smartphones in-store to make purchases. Mobile shoppers are also in a hurry to get their shopping completed, so local SEO plays a major influence on whether or not your business is displayed on the top of mobile searches. Prior to the start of the holiday season, make sure your store is prepared for mobile shoppers.

Add Keywords To Your Anchor Text

Your content can be further optimized if integrating keywords into the anchor text of your internal links in order to increase visibility and also give visitors a clickable and descriptive link. It enhances user experience as well by providing better readability since those links provide the only information that is necessary to help customers locate pages. This can result in higher CTRs.