4 Possible Ways to Promote Your Business in Recent Era


Starting a business for a fresh entrepreneur is an overwhelming task. A novice entrepreneur can get baffled and overwhelmed contemplating all the different factors associated with the success of the new business. Before the development of the internet and social media, companies would spend a fortune on advertising their business to reach the appropriate markets for their product. Now thanks to new technologies like the internet and social media facilities, fresh entrepreneurs can start a business at a fraction of the cost. Here are 4 crucial ways new organizations can promote their business, product or service without having to pay extravagant advertising costs.

Create a Company Trademark Name & Insignia

The ultimate goal of every company or organization is to gain worldwide recognition. Consumers need to be able to identify a unique name and a unique logo which can be linked to the unique genre of business. Initially this may seem like something which can be put off to a later date but the name of the company cannot be changed later. Consumers will fail to associate the new name with same line of business. Create a brand name for your business which is simplistic yet easily identifiable with the main line of business. The company should be set up with a healthy self-image ready for future advancement from the start. Prudently and scrupulously design a logo which highlights the main features of your product or service.

Develop a Corporate Website

Creating a company website in the days of the advent of the internet used to be an enormous task. Now creating a website is something a child can do. Great care still needs to be taken to ensure that all the appropriate information regarding the company’s products and services are incorporated in to the website. Include information about upcoming company events and product promotions in the website for users. Avoid trying to design overly complicated graphics in to the website as this will only confuse viewers. The graphic design of the website should be user friendly and simplistic. Make sure all the important links are clearly visible. Associate pictures and illustrations which will gain the interest of spectators. The contents and multimedia associated with the website should be regularly updated.

Maintain an Official Contact List

The main goal is to accumulate all the different ways of contacting a single person in one place. For example, if a person has more than one phone number or email address. All pertinent information should be consolidated in single location. Ensure that email addresses and phone numbers are easily accessible in one location. The best case scenario is that all this information should also be easily available offline. Use this information online only when it is necessary to contact that person. Maintaining a contact list may seem like an inconsequential or meaningless task in the beginning. The actual benefits of maintaining a meticulous contact list will begin to materialize in the later stages of the business cycle. This is when the business has passed through the initial stages and associated a list of regularly contacted individuals and employees.

Physical & Online Advertising

This is an exceptionally critical factor for the success of a business. There are both expensive and inexpensive ways of advertising. You can use your website to link to different social platforms to create awareness amongst users. But this will not guarantee that those users will be physically located close to your actual business location. A rather expensive but cost effective way to advertise your business is to advertise on local billboards. The expenses may seem outrageous but the advertising will bring direct business to your company. Strategically locate billboards which are in close proximity to your physical location and the hub of consumer activity. There are numerous creative ways to advertise your company in the real world, extending beyond the traditional notion of physical advertising. Street art, storefront decorations, and inflatable advertising are just a few examples of how brands can capture attention and enhance consumer awareness. Picture a sports event where marketers go all out to represent their brand. They can achieve this by incorporating various physical advertising elements, such as pitch-side advertising boards, sponsored team jerseys, or football helmet inflatable tunnels. Football helmet inflatable tunnels can be custom-made to match the brand’s preferred color, shape, and design, serving as a welcoming point for players or an entrance for other types of events. A more cost effective way to advertise your brand name and services is to use your own delivery vehicle as advertising space. Wherever the vehicle goes advertising will follow.


These guidelines are for start-up businesses. Each business will have different requirements associated to its success after view and focus on it’s scope. The best way to enter a new market is to scrutinize market practices of renowned competitors in that specific field. This will give an entrepreneur a more comprehensive idea of the current practices in that genre of business. It will also give the entrepreneur a chance to identify flaws in the system which can be emended to achieve a better business success.

Author Bio: Kristine McDaniel is a self-determined and motivated individual. She is highly qualified in the field of Business and Management never needing to buy essay or an assignment from a friend or confidant. She dispenses valuable long term advice to start-up enterprises to ensure that they comprehensively achieve all their inaugural business goals.