7 Copywriting SEO Techniques for the Best Business Content


Every day we consume tones of information, which floods the online market. That is why it is getting harder and harder to attract new audience and catch its interest.
For these purposes, most of the companies use services of copywriters, who are able to create outstanding texts and call the reader to action. Such specialists need to have deep understanding of the topic and the audience. In addition, they should be able to know what Google will be looking for in their texts to optimize them.

We offer you seven tips, which will help you to optimize the text for Google and other search engines.

Good headlines for users

Statistic shows that most of the readers don’t pay attention to the text and leave the page if the headline is not engaging and doesn’t stir their interest.
Your headline is the basis of the text and it should encourage the audience to read further. You need to make it short and straight to the point, conveying the information you want to include to the text.
If possible, add catchy elements or shocking data, which will surely grab interest of the reader and will help you stand out among other articles at Google search.

Use your keywords carefully

If you want Google to understand your text and find your information, you shouldn’t neglect key words. It doesn’t mean that you need to fill your text with thoughtless keywords, which will make the text awkward and heavy.
Luckily, there are many tools and apps, which will help you to use keywords wisely and make the text smooth and easy to read.

Make short sentences

From school years, you probably remember that the simpler your sentences are the better and clearer you are able to convey your thoughts.
The same works for online texts, as Google and readers get tired of deciphering your ideas. Try to use simple and short sentences and avoid heavy constructions. Reread your text multiple times if needed to make sure that your thoughts are clear and can be understood by a person, which doesn’t have any knowledge on the subject.

Use lists

Structured information always looks tidier and attracts attention of the reader, as it contains only necessary data, avoiding useless constructions and phrases. That is why it will be more than useful to make lists, diluting the text.
Bella Simson, my coworker at Ohmyessay.com says ‘Lists are a great way to attract the reader, as they help him to concentrate. Structured information looks simpler and clearer, so I often use lists even in my essays and articles’.

Learn more about the types of lists, as not all of them are universal and can be used only in certain cases. For example, a list can be appropriate for a scientific or an IT article but it is not the best option if you are writing a high school essay or a short story.

Add images to text

To make the text more personalized, you can add your photo and show the reader that there is a real person behind the letter or the essay.
You can also add pictures to the text, which will dilute it and grab attention of the audience. If you don’t have the pictures of your own, you can download them at free libraries, like Pixabay. Remember to indicate the author or provide the link.
Another benefit of adding pictures is that they may also appear in the search and increase your ranks, so select the images wisely and they will surely contribute to your success.

Ask questions, then answer them

Ask rhetoric questions and answer them on your own. It is a great way of foreseeing all the possible questions and will give you a chance to sound professional and experienced in the topic you are writing about. This method works in any kind of writing, even for essay writing, just write a question and give answer for your readers.

You can write down a list of questions, which may be related to the topic and use them as an outline of your text. In addition, you can ask your friends or relatives to ask questions on the topic. This will give you a chance to relate to the audience and see what it is really interested in.

Write like you talk

The last advice, which is probably one of the most important ones, is that you need to provide the content, which the reader is really interested in.
People don’t want to waste their time on boring essays or texts. Instead of giving all your time to the SEO and promotion, try to concentrate on the reader and you will see how rewarding it can be!