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By now, we have all probably experienced having our once fast and easy to use computer turned into an agonizingly slow, lagging mess. Using a slow computer can be a pain, especially if you need it for work or school. We sometimes blame the slower performance on computer viruses and other malware. While this can be true, it is also likely that your computer is just too crammed with unnecessary files. Over time, computers can get slower from downloading applications and other software. To help with this problem, you can use PC optimization software or anti-malware software. These two kinds of software can speed up your computer’s performance again, but what is the difference between them and how will you know which one you actually need?

PC Optimization Software

If your computer is no longer brand new and is starting to slow down, it is highly recommended that you get some kind of PC optimization software. PC optimization software, like that offered at, helps speed up your computer by cleaning up junk files, temporary files, and other unnecessary files that build up over time and take up valuable space in your computer. In addition to clearing up your computer’s hard drive, it also allows you to backup files to make sure you don’t lose anything important.

Computers that use Windows have built-in software to help remove junk files, but this does not clean up temporary files from other programs and applications. A third-party software would provide a more thorough cleaning.

All computers could benefit from having PC optimization software since computers have a buildup of files after prolonged use. It should be noted that this kind of software only optimizes your computer by managing files, and it is not for clearing or detecting malware.

Anti-Malware Software

If you think that your computer has slowed down because of malware, then you should probably consider getting anti-malware software. Malware or malicious software is hostile or intrusive software such as spyware, adware, Trojan horses, and ransomware. Without anti-malware, your PC can easily be infected with viruses from downloads, spam mail, infected files, and other malicious links.

Having a slow computer doesn’t automatically mean that your computer has a virus or other malware, but it is still a good idea to protect your computer from these threats. There are several quality anti-malware software applications that you can get, but make sure that you’re not getting more than one anti-malware software. There’s no need to get panic. having more than one anti-malware software is actually counterproductive since it will slow down your computer more.

If you want to help your computer get back into shape, you should seriously consider getting both PC optimization software and anti-malware software. Your PC optimization software would be a great help for your computer’s long-term maintenance, while anti-malware can help prevent further damage to your computer. Both of these software options will help in the overall health of your computer and help make it last longer.