All you need to know about 000Webhosting


The 000Webhost is one of the reliable hosting providers who work in the direction to provide free hosting for its users. Below, you will find a comprehensive review of this hosting service. It will include its features, pros, cons, user reviews, etc. So, let’s have a look at the reviews:


The 000Webhost is essentially a free WordPress hosting which is acknowledged to be one of the few web hosting providers which work to provide a free package which can reach up to 99.9% uptime. The hosting service is renowned for its no-cost hosting solution. Besides, its service to provide a premium hosting plan which incorporates pricey features for a reasonable price. Let’s have a look at its features:


Growth-oriented free hosting:
In 000Webhosting service, every free hosting account received a devoted piece of disk space and bandwidth. In addition to that, the company too assures that its servers possess the advanced PHP and MySQL versions for getting the finest performance. Other than standard package, users can have a look at the extensive range of Hostinger web hosting upgrade options through special discounts and additional features.

One click auto installer:
This free web hosting WordPress is regarded as one of the few free web hosting companies who offer 1-click WordPress installation. Users can now set up a fully functional as well as free WordPress hosting based environment through the help of some mouse clicks. You can now make use of the globe’s greatest popular CMS and make anything from a standard blog to e-commerce stores as well. Users felt that beginning a website has never been this easy through this hosting service.

Uptime & Reliability of 000webhost:
The 000Webhost assures 99.9% network availability mainly for their sites. It is known that the company executes through use of own servers and get it placed in high-quality based data centers. In addition to that, this web hosting service uses dedicated connections in order to assure plenty bandwidth for every one of its users.

This free web hosting company boasts 99.9% uptime guarantee, through the majority of the servers attaining a noticeable 99.9% uptime. Contrasting other free web hosts, this free WordPress hosting offers its users all the necessary tools to kick-start their idea or project. Right from PHP and MySQL to even WordPress as well as website builders, users would get everything they need to depict the world what they are made of.

Why go for 000webhost?

There are various reasons on why to choose this free web hosting WordPress service. Firstly, there are no hidden costs as well as no restrictive terms. Secondly, it offers lightning-fast speed with maximum reliability and dedicated user support. Is free web hosting service is comparatively better than few reputed paid services prevalent today.

Apart from that, it is the finest place to begin your small as well as medium projects. Later, you can scale into advanced premium web hosting type of plans. Users can avail easy website builder through the assistance of hundreds efficiently designed free templates. Moreover, they can get free SSL domains.

It provides excellent cPanel Support:
This web hosting service provides the newest version of cPanel right on its free hosting account. In addition to that, it even provides 100+ auto install scripts such as Joomla, WordPress, Magento and many more. It also comes with support for BoxBilling, recognized as an invoice system made completely in PHP, which facilitates users to invoice their customers.
If the auto install scripts are not sufficient for users, they can always select to go for their free website builder consisting of 100+ templates. It can be accomplished by using it as easy as dragging and dropping, as well as publishing on the website.


The web hosting service is freely available.
It offers unlimited bandwidth, email addresses, as well as disk space in its premium plan.
It works to provide 1 GB of disk space along with 10 GB of unmetered bandwidth. Bearing in mind, a usual blog post like this would demand around 2 MB of space; users can write around 500 blog posts like this, without running out of space till then.
This free WordPress hosting allows its users to run their own ads right on the free website. There are many other free hosting providers who restrict support for this, and they even display their personal ads and banners.


The web hosting service lacks support channels.
You can go to the user forum, and there you can find many instances of people who actually complained that their websites got down without any notice.
Not stated on its pricing pages, this web hosting service eliminates several files higher than the size of 5MB on a regular basis without prior notifying the user. Essentially, this makes the 1 GB space type of redundant, provided users are not going to permit any of the files higher than 5MB to stay on their servers.

What did users feel about this hosting?

Those users who have used this 000webhost free hosting service consider it to be a recommended service as it is all free. They expressed that if a user requires testing a mini project based few scripts, the web hosting is the best place wherein user can go online and create some presence. Its relevant cheap hosting can be attempted for any mini project.

After all the features, pros, cons, and reviews, etc. we have finally come to a point to conclude on this web hosting service, The 000webhost is regarded as a great option for those people desiring to host small or even medium sites and are not worried much regarding their data. Whenever the matter comes to free hosting, this is one of the few web hosts which deliver full PHP support as well as instant backups. This aspect makes it worth its free tag.

It is much more than just being a free web hosting provider. Its service provides premium web hosting service at free cost, in the absence of hidden costs. Simultaneously, it also facilitates users to design their own website, incorporate features to it, download and install scripts through the single-click Autoinstaller, etc. Hence, overall, it is recommended to go for it.