How To Optimize Your Landing Page


Read on to grab some quick tips of how to optimize your landing page

Although it may initially sound like quite the daunting task, this is one feat that is easily mastered (and conquered) when just a few simple techniques and best practices are put into action.

In order to figure out how best to optimize your landing page, perhaps the first step would be to figure out why you would want to do so in the first place?

In a nutshell, by optimizing your landing page, you are able to maximise on positive conversions (conversions being the visitors that come to your landing page and interact positively, resulting in subscriptions or purchases) while outputting the minimum on costs incurred.

Check out a few tips below, on how best to optimize and maximise on your landing page and the effectiveness of it all.

Tip 1: Keep a keen eye on the design elements

– Online users tend to scan and skim through any webpage and the information thereon, which is why using this information to your advantage would be key. Try employ the use of bullet points in order to drive home the important info accordingly.

– Ensure that the landing page is easy to navigate around with smooth responsiveness when accessed via any device, be it mobile or desktop.

– Whitespace is your friend in this instance; use it to create a crisp, clear design & employ a strong call to action that is visible to visitors.

– Choose images carefully and purposefully. We all know that ‘a picture tells a thousand words’ therefore, best you choose a picture that perfectly captures what it is your landing page is attempting to convey. For example, take a look at a top brand like mFortune, where every step is taken to include captivating imagery throughout their site design.

– Pay close attention to the colour designs of your landing page, as colours deeply influence the moods and approachability of visitors, where certain colours will attract attention while other colours will only detract.

Tip 2: Get SEO mindful

– Put all SEO best practices into action.

– Keep in mind that all content on the landing page will need to be optimised to catch the attention of search engines, which is where SEO tactics come into play.

– SEO elements to incorporate include the following: meta title, meta description, a strong keyword-focused headline, making use of the correct HTML tags and creating strong inbound links on other high-ranking sites.

– Don’t forget the utmost important of the strong call to action, which if keyword-focused would not harm either.

Tip 3: Evaluate the ROI
The entire reason for optimising a landing page is to see a return on investment, right? Exactly! Which is why this tip is to be handled objectively and given priority.

A quick way to determine and calculate the ROI (return on investment) of your landing page would be to take the total conversion count value and divide it by the total landing page costs.

Total conversion countTotal landing page cost
The actual number of conversions made per time frame (e.g. 1 month)Design costs, SEO campaign costs, Server traffic costs
In Summation

A landing page and its effectiveness is deeply dependent on the various elements that make up the entire logistics of the landing page, as mentioned above. Not only is it not just another page that visitors are redirected to, in order to provide more marketing information to the end-user, but it is chock-a-block full of alternative metric-gathering elements, which when combined paints quite the extensive and comprehensive picture of what the target audience and target market is saying about the brand and landing page in general.

Stand out and let your landing page do so too, when you take the necessary steps to ensure your landing page is optimized at all levels.