3 Best Reasons Why You Need a Human Editor


One can never stress enough the importance of a proper grammar and spelling in all forms of correspondence, emails included. Writing the correct way improves a person’s impression on you. They see you as someone who’s attentive to detail and is responsible.

Your work also doesn’t suffer from misinterpretation. On the other hand, the most effective communication builds both personal and professional relationships.

Usually, when you want to improve your grammar or spelling – and catch your mistakes – you either use the spell checker of your word processor or run a program. If you’re looking for convenience, you make use of the online spell check option.

While they work, they may never be enough. When you want a truly polished, high-quality work, it’s always best to work with a professional service such as eAngel.me. Here’s how the team can help:

1. You will have a human editor working on the document.

Let’s face it, those programs can only do so much. They still rely on the data their programmer inputs on them. In the process, they catch only the most basic mistakes. In some cases, they tend to miss them.

A human editor, on the other hand, has a much higher chance of catching errors that these types of software often miss.

2. You don’t have to pay more fees.

If you want a more comprehensive sentence correction, you have to upgrade your subscription or membership to premium. Often they’re not cheap. They can cost over $150 annually.

eAngel makes the pricing reasonable. You pay only when your work gets edited – only when you want it checked. In other words, you have more control over such expenses.

3. You have real people to understand the nuances of writing.

One of the things that are completely missing in online spell check programs is language nuance. There’s a difference between business and creative writing. Your choices of words, for example, can vary. How the people from the UK spell and write is quite different from that of the Americans.

Working with an expert in proofreading online ensures you just don’t only have an error-free document, but you also capture the right tone needed to deliver the message.

If there’s one thing you should learn about language, it’s that it’s both complex and dynamic – two things only a human editor can fully understand. Make sure you create a copy that says the right thing and expresses the correct tone and emotion by hiring eAngel today.