4 Tips to Help You Manage Web Design Projects Efficiently


If you have never worked on a web design project before, your first attempt may seem somewhat overwhelming. Some web design projects can consist of more than 50 tasks to complete before the website goes live.

Web design projects require teams, which often work remotely and are situated in various locations around the world. Learning to coordinate and orchestrate a team to reach a deadline can be challenging, especially if it is your first project.

However, your first project is a learning experience that you will never forget. Here are four tips you can use to give yourself an edge in managing your first web design project.

Planning is Everything

The extent of your planning of the project will determine your success. The more prepared you are to meet the necessary milestones and targets along the design process, the better the chance of you achieving them.
Start by creating a general scope of the project and defining all of the tasks to be delegated to team members. Attach a deadline date for the job and remember to leave extra time for editing and review of the work before you go live.
The key to successful project planning is to consistently adjust your plan according to the feedback from your team and the stage of the development process.

Write it down for the Record

If you don’t write it down, then you won’t commit to it. Consolidate all of your notes and information on the project into a brief for your team. Confirm all of the details with your client before you begin to execute on the plan.
Your brief should include your strategy, as well as specifics on cash flow and budget. Make sure you pay attention to detail and give the client and your team the relevant information that they need.

Appoint a Team Leader for the Project

Every team needs a leader, and if that can’t be you, then it had better be someone that is competent in a leadership position. Finding the right leader to coordinate your team through the tasks and project lifecycle can mean the difference between meeting your deadline and the client dropping your firm because you did not deliver.

Appoint responsible people from within your organization, or look outside your team to find a leader that will fit with your company and your employees. If you are appointing one of your employees, then consider sending them to a project management seminar or course. Learn more on how to get your project management certification here

Your leader should be accountable and responsible for the actions and results of the team. They need to demonstrate responsibility for consolidating all of the final data into a design project that meets the client’s needs and delivers all of the value promised by your firm and your team.

Work with Professionals

When it comes time to execute your design tasks, your team will be invaluable to your success. Your team should be compromised of professionals that are well educated, adequately trained, and experienced with working under pressure. Selecting the right team members starts with a thorough vetting process. Research all of your team member’s qualifications and work experience. Many people will make false claims about their past successes, so never take anyone at their word and always ensure to research their references.

The Final Tip

Web design management isn’t for everyone. Some people are better left as technicians and engineers. However, if you feel that you have skills in the areas of communications and administration, then management may be a viable career opportunity for you.

Research into the management courses available in your area and take a class to discover if it is something you feel passionate about. Web design managers are in high demand, and if you earn the right qualifications and gain the proper experience, you can look forward to a budding career in a thriving industry.