Designing Your Sites for Maximum Advertising


One important thing to remember when designing a website’s overall theme is that it should present what you are advertising or selling at all times. Take, for example, a website that’s offering Borgata casino bonus codes. Everything a visitor needs to know about the site is already within the first page. And this kind of web designing is also noticeable in many other sites, especially those that sell products, like websites for video game developers and publishers. It is especially important to be able to convey to the visitor what your website is all about and what you are selling. Here are 3 things to remember when designing your website:

Use banners with imagery that are related to what your website is all about. Simply put, you immediately present to the visitor what your site’s about right at the very beginning. This could be a simple text, to images related to your website’s subject, such as your products. For example: you’re a translator and you translate foreign novels. Putting the description “Non-English Novel Translator” on the banner would work. However, using an image that shows foreign/non-English novels at the back gives the visitor more information on the meaning of the text.

The design must help the visitor immediately get the message, though you have to avoid trying to put too much information that might blur the main message. The banner must establish your image as well. If people see your logo or, like the example above, books that are related to your banner, you know you have established an image if they’re reminded of you.

Stick to a standard. When you design your website, you pick a theme that matches your product or what your site’s all about and stick to it. This is a very common practice when designing a website nowadays, compared to when the internet was just commercialized and Geocities was a thing. During those times the design of web pages used really solid colors that hurt the eyes or pictures and images that didn’t really match the website’s whole theme. We’ve already moved away from that era. The best thing you can do is to check out websites you like or websites that sell the same product as you, especially the more popular ones and just take note of their themes. You don’t have to steal their design, just take note on how they designed it.

Finally, abandon obsolete internet technologies. Flash is outdated. There are lots of things that are better out there, so forget about using Flash. It was the biggest thing in the past but now we don’t need it anymore. Animation can now be achieved using actual videos, for example. There’s using GIF images or embedding webm Files.