Top Web Hosting Reviews 2017


Every business, whether big or small, must have a website. Today’s consumer is tech savvy and in most cases, this consumer uses his or her computer or smartphone to research on products and services offered by different firms before heading out to make a purchase. Depending on the nature of your business, you might require a simple static landing page or a full-blown e-commerce site. Regardless of the type of site needed for your business, you just can’t afford to host your site with a poorly performing web host.There are many web hosting companies available on the internet. If you have a business in the UK, these web hosting reviews for the UK are worth considering, but before that, perhaps we should first look at some factors you need to consider before purchasing hosting services from a web host.

Factors to Consider before Buying Web Hosting Services

1.The nature of your site
You needs to ensure that the web host provides services that match what your website requires. For example, if you are creating an e-commerce site, make sure that the web host prioritizes on network latency, performance, and front-end delivery services.

2. Cost
Consider both the set-up cost and the recurrent costs that you will be charged on a monthly basis for the use of the services.

3. Is it Shared or Dedicated Hosting
If your website is heavy and you need speed, settle for dedicated hosting providers.

4. Reviews and Reputations of the Host
Check online for reviews by previous clients, if the reviews are positive then you can give the web host a try.

5. Support
Only settle for a web host provider who promises to offer 24/7/365 support. This will assure you that the web host will be available when you need them.

Web hosting reviews for the UK

1. SiteGround
SiteGround is one of the cheapest web hosting companies. The web host has powerful servers which are located in London meaning that speed and reliability is something that is assured. The company has a top-notch support team that is available on 24/7/365 basis. A quick check online shows that the web host enjoys positive reviews from its previous clients. Their cheapest plan starts at £2.75/mo.

2. GreenGeeks
Just as the name suggests, GreenGeeks is a web host that prioritizes using green technology in its operations. The company uses wind energy to power some of its operations. Customers hosting their websites with this web host get to enjoy amazing speeds owing to the fact that the web host’s data centers are spread in multiple locations across the world. Additionally, the company has a courteous support team that is always available to attend to their clients. Their cheapest plan starts at $3.953.

A2 Hosting- A2 Hosting is considered to be in the same league as SiteGround. Their data centers, which are spread in multiple locations across the globe ensure that their local and international clients enjoy amazing speeds. Their cheapest package starts at $3.92

Having reviewed the three top web hosting companies in the UK, it is clear that SiteGround beats the other two to emerge victoriously. Always ensure that you consider the five factors listed above before settling on your preferred web host.