Common Design Features of Current Gaming Websites


According to official statistics, more and more people are playing video games these days. There are a few reasons behind this phenomenon. For instance, the world’s population is growing. In addition, there are more adult players than ever before. Of course, modern games are even more attractive and this contributes to their popularity. As a result of this popularity, people tend to visit gaming websites more frequently.

The trends are changing
If you are interested in learning more about the common design features of current gaming websites, you must understand that this type of website is not completely isolated from other types of websites. On the contrary, modern websites of any kind have a lot of things in common. What’s really important to understand is that the trends are changing very fast. A good gaming website design that worked 2 years ago may become obsolete today. So, if you are creating a gaming website, you have to follow the latest news and find out what works and what doesn’t work. We will now present a few design features that are found frequently on popular gaming websites.

Smooth navigation
We can all agree that navigation is a popular design element. This is especially true when we are talking about online gaming. Namely, many gaming websites have more than one game on their offer. Let’s take an online casino website as an example. These sites have dozens of games separated into different categories like online slots, table games, card games, bingo games etc. When designing a website like this, one must be sure that players can easily navigate and browse through the collection of games.
In case the navigation is difficult, it is very likely that players will simply leave the website and look for another option. The basic objective is to make visitors stay longer and try as many games as possible. Obviously, if you design smooth navigation, the website will boost its revenue.

Every modern gaming website should come with a design with responsiveness in mind. In other words, the person that uses a mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet should find it easy to load the pages on the website and view everything in the best possible way. Responsive design is all about adjusting the looks of the website and optimizing it for users relying on different devices.
Did you know that more than half of the planet’s population is using a mobile device with access to the Internet? These are the visitors that no website owner wants to miss.

Fast loading time
Although the vast majority of gaming websites come with independent mobile applications which include their collections of games, the truth is that most of them have dedicated responsive websites too. In other words, loading time is still very important for reducing the bounce rate and keeping visitors satisfied. This design feature is not related to just one aspect of the website. Web designers must focus on different elements of the website that might be slowing down users. Large images, long HQ videos, too much content in general – these are some of the things that affect loading time. Optimize these elements for better results.

Modern typography
Many web designers are ignoring this element, but they are wrong. You can’t have a modern and popular modern website design without a striking, yet neat typography. What do we mean by that? Well, typography must use standard fonts that are already established. The text must come in the right size (around 16px). In order to enhance readability, you will need to use suitable line spacing. There is also a limited use of fonts in different colors. The typography must be related to the background (the background image, video etc.).

Overall coherence
The last design feature that we would like to mention is the overall coherence. The elements and features we have mentioned before play a crucial role in the proper designing of a modern gaming website. But, in order to make everything work, you must pay special attention to the coherence. In case you didn’t know, coherence is all about reaching consistency and quality in every part of the website and on every page. Visitors must have the perfect experience with their desktop computer, laptop or mobile device from reading articles to playing games.