5 Tips to Improving Your Freelancing Website


As a freelancer, finding new gigs can be a tough task. After all, with so many different people in your field bidding for contracts, it can be hard to set yourself apart, which is why sometimes revising your site might not be a bad look. And if you’re looking to gain more traction to your portfolio site, then luckily for you, I’ve compiled a few helpful tips to consider. Check them out below:

Be Direct About What You Do

A common mistake a lot of freelancer make with their site is they either say too much or not enough about what they do. While it’s great to have big ideas, let your work speak for itself as much as it’s fine to have a title, that’s nothing without actionable solutions. Make no mistake, this is an intricate balance and something you should consider when looking at improvements.

Start poking around and asking yourself objectively if you would hire yourself, and why. Think of yourself as a product, something that people would tangibly buy. For example, take a look at Angee’s website, an automated home security system. See how they have their main offerings, followed by the supporting articles that get you to want to learn more. Studying case studies like this will help you decipher how to hone in on your messaging.

Spruce Up Your Design

Another aspect of communicating who you are is through the branding and design of your site. This is not only how the flow of information will work, but how you showcase your personality. Remember, people aren’t just hiring you for the quality of your work, but they’re considering if you’re genuinely someone they want to work with. Because quite frankly, if your site isn’t conveying that, then it might be time to consider a redesign.

Sketch out what your dream website would look like, as well as what it needs to include. Make an effort to focus in on the details, such as your typeface or a logo. For example, the vape company Juul uses lively color schemes and thin, smooth typefaces accentuate the feeling of using their product. Going through iterations like this will help you cut out the unnecessary elements, as well as focus on flow. The overarching goal here is to deliver something that showcases not just your work, but yourself overall.

Look Your Busiest

Although it sounds silly, showcasing yourself in work mode is actually a pretty great way to reinforce your branding. Because while a lot of freelancers know how to make money from home, putting yourself in different locations or offices could show a wide range of both taste and experience. And if you’re looking to do the same, then I highly suggest looking around for a photographer to shoot you in your working element as well.

Include Social Links

A huge factor in being hired as a freelancer is what you’re showing off on social media. And although I understand wanting to keep certain aspects of your lifestyle private, having a couple accounts to include on your site will increase your leads tenfold.

Make an effort to engage more on the platforms you’re using, including getting more involved with freelance communities. Despite how common it might sound, people pick up work pretty quick on social. In fact, in a survey published by The Balance, 50 percent of freelancers reported being able to find work within three days via online networking and social media. Make no mistake, the money is there as long as you’re ready to showcase why you’re worth it.

Start A Blog

Finally, an underrated strategy amongst the freelancing community is starting and posting consistently on your blog. After all, as a freelancer, you need to think about yourself as a business, with content marketing as a top priority. And while that might sound silly, it’s something that the b2b world looks very highly upon, because as noted by the Content Marketing Institute, 92 percent of marketers said they view content as a top business asset.

Create a list of topics you’d like to write about. I’ll note that while it’s okay to have personal stories and whatnot, the primary focus should be on content that’s going to showcase your ability as a thought leader, as well as why people should want to hire you. Try to keep a certain level of consistency, posting at least one to two times a week. And finally, as freelancing is about working for yourself, make whatever you provide something attractive to you, as it’ll be the main catalyst to your success.

What are some ways you’ve been able to up your freelance game? Comment with your insights below!