6 Reasons Why You Should Choose an LG Phone Over Other Brands


Three hot new top brand phones debuted this year: the Apple iPhone X, the Samsung Galaxy S8, and the LG V30. If you’re looking for a new smartphone, these are the ones to check out. While other smartphones made great strides this year too, Apple, Samsung, and LG are the industry leaders in both performance and sales. So, let’s do a little comparison shopping.

Subtle Differences
No matter which smartphone you buy, they all perform virtually the same functions. Several phones now sport the bezel-less screen, allowing the display screen to stretch from edge-to-edge. These phones no longer use the LCD type of display. Instead, these phones use an OLED display, the newest technology, and show more vivid pictures and truer colors than ever before.

And while the phones look similar, the new glass cases on the 2017 models are slippery. The LG V30 fixes this problem with a burnished metal feel on the back of the phone, giving you a better grip. If you are interested in buying one, you can get one from a carrier like T-Mobile with their vast selection of affordable LG phones. Paired with T-Mobile’s super fast 4G LTE network, an LG phone will make it easy to browse the web or check Facebook.

The Camera
Unlike most of the competition, the LG V30 comes with dual-lens cameras, allowing for regular and wide-angle pictures. Compared to the thousands of phones produced each year, only a few offer the dual camera. Unlike most dual-lens phones, both LG lenses are 13 megapixels. That gives the wide-angle lens a 125-degree field of vision. Anything at or above 12 megapixels gives you excellent pictures.
Plus, the aperture setting on the LG is larger than most others, providing better low-light shots and less distortion on wide-angle pictures. LG improved the front camera, as well, for better selfies.

The Processor
Several smartphones come with the Snapdragon processor. This year the 835 version is available on LG, Samsung, Google Pixel, and several other phone brands. According to experts, the Snapdragon processor makes phones faster and more powerful, even testing better than Apple’s latest iOS.
Note that all Android phones use Google’s operating system just like all Apple phones use the iOS operating system. According to industry technicians, updates to the OS from Google hit the market sooner than updates to the iOS. So, if you always want the latest and greatest releases, stick with Android phones.

Sound System
One agreed upon fact is that LG uses the best sound technology available. If you’re a music junkie, choose LG phones and enjoy a richer, more exact sound quality. LG is the only leading phone manufacturer concentrating on the listening experience. The new V30 has an upgraded 32-bit Quad DAC sound system. Also, the LG V30 still has a headphone jack, making it one of the very few phones today that still offer the outlet.

Newest Security
Many phones now offer fingerprint scanning security, but LG combines the fingerprint sensor and the power button on the back of the phone right where your index finger sits. While other phones might offer this security, the sensor is often in an awkward place.

VR and HD
The LG V30 offers the new virtual reality platform from Google Daydream. The V30 comes with an offer for a free Daydream View headset and Tap VR content bundle. Plus, the QHD display offers better touch performance and less trouble viewing in sunlight. LG televisions lead the pack in HD quality, so it’s no wonder their phones offer this excellent feature. And LG phones just announced a partnership with Amazon and Netflix, bringing users HDR-enabled screens with Dolby Vision for the best HDR content on phones today.

Another wonderful thing about the LG V30 is the always-on mode. No need for buttons or swipes, as the time and notifications are always available. It’s a great convenience when you’re on the go.
When it comes to Android phones, LG and Samsung lead the way, and the only true competition comes from Apple. But if you want a smartphone with the latest features and the best price, look to the LG V30. You’ll be pleased with the look and functionality of the phone for many years to come.