Choosing the Best Theme for Your Website


Choosing the best theme for your website is an inevitable step in creating a strong online brand identity. The saying “don’t judge a book by its covers” is familiar to everyone, but in this case the “cover” of your website does matter. The layout and overall look of your page leaves the first impression on your customers, so you better put some serious effort in picking the appropriate theme. But, what are the key points you should pay attention to and which platforms offer the best website design solution for your type of business? Here are some tips on what to consider before making this important decision.

Best Online Shopping Platform
The visual presentation of your business and everything you and your product stand for is the welcoming committee for your website’s users. Wonder why? It’s quite simple – when people surf on the Internet looking for things to buy, they follow certain reading patterns. The most common one is an F shaped pattern.

That means that websites with highlighted headers and sidebars on the left side of the site usually engage better user experience. Now, there’s no such thing as a business with the perfect theme. However, if you’re running an online shopping business, then Shopify Theme Store is the place where you’ll feel like a child in a candy store.

Once you find yourself inside the Shopify Theme Store, you’ll come across search and filter tools, which you can use for finding specific features, theme designers, and key terms. You may browse by collections, look for inspiration in examples, click through demo stores or consult theme reviews.

Superb Website Platform for General Stuff
WordPress, the world’s most popular open source platform, is an ideal option if your line of work focuses on more “general stuff”, sort of speaking. So much has been told about WordPress that it’s hardly a topic where something new can be presented.

Selecting the appropriate theme out of thousands of free and paid options can be a stressful adventure. WordPress is used for creating all kinds of websites.
For example, if you’re starting a blog, considering things like SEO friendliness, simplicity, responsiveness, browser compatibility, supported plugins, translation add-ons, page builders, and support options are no longer a matter of choice. They have become a necessity and since WordPress got them all, it naturally comes as the best solution.

Attractive Theme for Your eCommerce Business

How to find the most attractive theme for your ecommerce website? Well, first you have to decide whether you’d like to build a website from scratch or use themes to save time and money.
It doesn’t take a genius to do a quick search and realize that Magento is leading the pack when it comes to design themes for ecommerce websites. With its open source nature, Magento is capable of meeting the most important design requirements every ecommerce website has to have.

In order to become visually appealing an ecommerce website theme should contain the following: balanced colour, customizable capacity, space for promotional banners and slides, cross browser support, catchy look and of course, SEO-friendly features, and Magento is where all these function as a well balanced system.

Perfect Custom Theme for an Online Gambling Website
Choosing the best possible design theme in a highly competitive niche is a challenging process. Since the world of entertainment, and especially online gambling and gaming, certainly belongs to the group of industries with fierce players, standing out from the crowd is what you should try to emphasize.
When creating a custom theme for an online gambling website the rule of thumb is to check out how the best guys in the industry do it. For example you can look up to AskGamblers as the world’s best online casino website and an award-winning affiliate portal.

Great part of their success is based on a sleek, carefully chosen page design solutions whereby the selection of colours, easy to use navigation, clear visual strategy and top-quality content have managed to launch AskGamblers’ website design strategy into the very top of online gaming visual identities on the market.

Entrepreneurs should always be aware of the fact that design plays a significant role in the visual world that rules the Internet.
Therefore, your visual storytelling acts as a PR for your business. Thus, make sure to present it in the right way.