10 Tips For Creating The Perfect Social Media Content For Your Brand


The world is digital, everywhere you look there are signs of just how reliant people have become on technology. One look down a high street, in a café or even in the workplace will see at least half the people on their cell phones; checking the latest social media posts.
Social media is as important as breathing for many people and this is why it must be included in your brand marketing processes. But how do you create the perfect social media content?

Here are 10 tips to help you:

1. Know Your Customer
You need to know who you are attempting to communicate with. This means considering your target audience, current customer base and even tracking shoppers to make sure that your media content is going to interest them.

2. Be Consistent
If you create 5 posts every week then people will become used to this and check in for the latest news. If you do 1 this week, 10 next week and then none for 6 weeks people will not know when to expect something from you and will look elsewhere.
Be consistent, people like this!

3. Feedback is Essential
Allow your customers to feedback through the social media channels and respond to their issues. You can win new customers by the way you handle an issue

4. Involve the Customer
Customers love to feel involved. Competitions and the opportunity to make suggestions make the customer feel part of your business. The reward is loyalty and a bigger customer base.

5. Naturally light your products
Social media content requires pictures and even videos. These allow your followers to see what you are posting and talking about at a glance. It also helps them to stay interested in what you are saying.
However, the quality of your images can make a huge difference to the view they receive. Always photograph in natural light and get the product in the best possible state; this is an important part of presenting the right brand image.

6. Your customers are your biggest marketing tool
Customers talk and can easily attract more customers to your business. In fact they should be seen as your biggest marketing tools. One of the easiest ways to benefit from this is to encourage them to post images with your products.
People respond well to this and it can dramatically increase your customer base.

7. Read Content
You also need to read the content that is being posted. This is not just the responses to your social media. It is essential to see what your competition is posting and how customers are reacting. You don’t want them to be offering something better than you.

8. Always Plan First
Before you put any social media content online you need to plan what you want to say or the message you wish to portray. This may sound like common sense but it is essential advice.
It takes many postings and time to build a good reputation; it takes one bad post to destroy it.

9. Global Issues Matter
Pay attention to what is going on in the world. At times it can be used to help promote your products. At other times it is important to be aware and respectful of news events.

10. Be true To Yourself
Finally, whatever you do you must create social media content which is true to your core images and your products. This will ensure your postings reflect your business and your customers will get the product and the service they expect.