Top 8 Innovations We Could Achieve By 2050


Futurists predict that the future of technology is very exciting. The future of science including machines can amazingly enhance and replace many products and activities of today. In the near future, men can most likely control based on eye movements. There will be the birth of impressive precisions like nano robots repairing our bodies from injuries or sickness.
We are at the brink of the new digital paradigm. The wide unending capabilities of technology now exceed our own.
Here are some innovations that will change our tomorrow:

1. Robotic Insects
Studies about insect flight have been studied for years by many scientists. In the 1970s, a Danish zoologist named Torkel Weis-Fogh used high speed photography to analyze wing motions. He was able to formulate the “clap-and-fling effect.” From then on, scientists use this theory and computational technique to build robotic wings. Engineers are now developing insect size robots and flying machines. Robotic insects can be used for pollination if pollinators such as bees and butterflies disappear. Surveillance drones the size of an insect is also a great possibility.

2. Internet Availability For Everyone
Billionaires are keeping their eyes in this idea for the development of technology especially of their businesses.
The internet brings great possibilities and Paypal founder Elon Musk are planning to send 4,000 satellites into the Earth orbit that could bring high speed signal to everyone on Earth. Tech companies such as Tesla and SpaceX are also looking into this possibility. They are expecting to complete this project by 2020. This will surely bring high quality website traffic for blogs and sites.

3. Space Tourism
Space explorations are being done are now being planned by private companies making space travels more accessible. The idea of space tourism is rising and having a moon hotel is very much possible in a few years. A holiday via spaceship is an exciting idea.

4. People Marrying Robots
Human-robot couple is quite interesting. In Japan, there are individuals who have virtual girlfriends. Avatar girlfriends are now a real thing. Therefore, marriage between robots and humans is of great possibility.

5. Electronic Wearables
Clothes that converts temperature into electricity is a nice idea. Scientists can develop clothings that can power up your smart phone or your laptop.

6. Human Head Transplant
There was an attempt for the first human transplant in 2016. However, it became unsuccessful due to the difficulty in connecting the spinal cord. Surgeons are still optimistic on this and are in constant study to achieve this.

7. Making Brain Print As Password
Our brainwaves can be used as password to your computer. In the future, this idea could be used to verify identity of the computer user. Neuro-hacking is a great idea too making us read minds. Many researches are being published online regarding this and traffic on these sites are high according to revisitor review .

8. Farms That Float
With the rapid rise of our population, the demand for food is also on the rise. The more farmlands are greatly needed to supply the needs. A floating farm can be built to produce fruits and vegetables with minimal use of soil.

These ideas and innovations are very practical and will benefit the humanity. Investors embrace these because these will greatly boom every business venture in the future.