The Perfect Product Label


When trying to create the perfect product label, there are certain fundamental steps you must adhere to in order to reach the right design. Labels for products have to convey a lot of information while also appealing to customers and standing out from the competition so going through the right process to get the perfect label is vital.

With this in mind, below are some of the key steps to creating the perfect product label.

Proper research

Research is essential when designing a product label. In addition to knowing the client’s industry, you should also know the unique selling points of the products and what its main competitors are. Being armed with this information will enable you to make the right choices for all aspects of the design. Good communication with the client is key throughout the research process.

Choosing the packaging materials

One of the first design decisions you must make is what materials are going to be used. This will largely depend on the type of product you’re creating for as well as more practical considerations such as the client’s budget. Recyclable materials such as cardboard have become quite trendy in recent years, especially for products that are trying to convey an environmentally-friendly image.

Getting the colors right

Colors are also extremely important when designing a product label. Colors are shown to have a direct impact on our moods and so you can use them to great effect depending on what type of impression you want the label to create. For more playful products such as a flavoured beer, you might use bright and bold colours such as orange, yellow, green etc. For something more understated, such as a natural skin cream, it’s a good idea to stick with more simple colours such as white, grey, black etc.

Hierarchy of visual elements

Just as important as the materials and colors are how the visual elements are arranged on the packaging. Typically you’ll want the product name to be most prominent, with any tag lines and descriptive text to be placed prominently too. For food products, it’s also a good idea to put the most key nutritional information, such as the number of calories, upfront too.

Check out the infographic below from Fast Labels for more information on the steps involved in creating the perfect product label.