4 Tech Tips For Your Office


Where would we be without the technology we use today?

Technology–specifically digital technology and the Internet–has forever changed the way we talk, travel, inform, interact, and finish everyday tasks. It has gotten to a point where we are able to work efficiently and productively, even when we’re away from the office. -It’s extraordinary to have an office that can make your employees feel as if they were home, and not like they want to hurry back to it at the end of the day. If this is not the case in your workplace, you might be feeling like it is time to move your company someplace else, and Chicago’s office space agents can help you choose an office that will benefit you and everyone that you work with. Achieving your goals is vital when you’re running a business, and knowing how to reach them will help with your credibility

Today, we can accomplish work faster, better, and earlier. To think, we have only just begun to scratch the surface.

However, not all businesses have caught on. A study conducted by technology magnates Dell and Intel showed that only about 57-percent of businesses expect to be working within a smart office within the next half decade.

The modern talent pool demands modern technology and innovative equipment. If those requirements aren’t met, they may look elsewhere for work.

Indeed, competitive businesses need to shape up and move forward–and do so as soon as possible.

Where to start?

Let your team work elsewhere

Our roads aren’t getting any bigger.

Today, practically everyone spends time in traffic. In the next decade or so, we may see a staggering 50% increase in the total cumulative cost of traffic congestion in the US and Europe.

Therefore, it pays to consider a system where employees can deliver quality work, wherever they are and at any given time. To meet this demand, companies can look to providing their staff with registered tablets and smartphones that allow them to stay in the loop, even when they’re on-the-go.

Use collaboration and productivity tools

In addition to conveniently staying aboard via mobile devices, members from different departments should also be able to work in clear coordination to avoid roadblocks and bottlenecks at work.

When you use online chat apps and teleconferencing platforms, you significantly speed up communication and dissemination. Moreover, reception management software like greetly.com can help offset some of the grunt, secretarial work so that your team members can focus on real work.

Get a private connection for your company

With the all these promising utilities, surely you’d need a stable network to connect them all.

Often, businesses employ their own IT team to manage their internal systems, but how about getting your own independent service provider (ISP)?

Using your own ISP frees up your IT team for more pertinent work and other higher-level tasks. Just make sure that the network you subscribe to has enough speed to handle your work demands.

Contrary to popular (or unpopular) belief, a faster connection doesn’t create distractions. In fact, it helps improve your team’s focus and productivity. Unless someone is planning to do a Netflix marathon at the office, you shouldn’t be too worried.

Also, you may want to consider using a business-wide virtual private networks (VPN) or intranet to help your team share files securely.

Improve customer service by boosting productivity

Of course, efficiency in the workplace should boost customer relations. It’s only common sense.

But how much does it help, really?

Tech fixes like a digital receptionist can reduce delays and lead to better engagement even if no one’s manning the front desk.

Ideally, when welcoming clients, business partners, or customers into your establishment, you should foolproof software to guide them along the way. If used well enough, you may not even need an actual receptionist.

Beyond technical terms and scientific know-how, technology can smoothen a lot of our day-to-day work.

Need help?

Invest in the right technology and innovate!