Choosing Suitable Artwork for an Office


We spend more time at work than we do at home, so it is important that it is a pleasant environment. Employees and clients need to feel comfortable and relaxed. Simple things such as pot plants, a coffee machine, and a water cooler can all make a big difference. What many bosses and managers don’t consider, however, is the value of having artwork in an office environment.

We don’t all have the same taste in artwork. Some people prefer realistic paintings whereas others love abstract contemporary pieces. This is less important in a workplace environment since the aim is not to invest in a piece of art that you love. Rather, it is more important that you buy or rent artwork that reflects the company’s values.

A Reflection of Your Brand

Look for artwork that fits your business and your brand. Are you a cutting-edge fintech startup, or is your business a traditional accounting firm? This makes a difference. Modern abstract pieces will look out of place in a small accounting firm in much the same way a traditional landscape might appear “old-fashioned” on the wall of a startup.

A Talking Point

Do you have a meeting room where you entertain clients? Or do you meet clients in your office? A piece of artwork can inspire conversation. It’s a great way help a client or interviewee feel more relaxed, especially if you have a difficult meeting ahead.

Inspire Creativity

Being surrounded by creative things helps to inspire our own creativity. Nobody wants to stare at four white walls all day long, with only a few planners to break up the monotony. There is a time and place for wall planners, but I think we all agree that they are hardly inspirational. If you are struggling to find a solution to a difficult problem, staring at a beautiful piece of artwork could help you think outside the box and come up with an innovative solution to your problems.

Research in the UK found that 61% of workers were inspired by artwork and believed it made them think more creatively. The more appealing the workplace environment is, the more motivated your employees will be.

Select the Right Artwork

Select wall art that fits the company, but don’t limit yourself to paintings and drawings. If you have enough space, invest in some sculptures, mixed-media pieces, or anything else that appeals. Be open to different kinds of artwork. If you’re looking for prints, some of the best wall art that works for both the home and office can be seen at

Don’t dismiss the effect of color. Bold, vibrant colors make us feel energized and motivated whereas pale, pastel shades are more soothing and relaxing. Bear this in mind when you select artwork for your office.

Artwork from established artists can be expensive, so look for artwork created by up-and-coming artists or check out the work at your local art college. A struggling student could one day become the next Damien Hurst and your investment might pay dividends in a few years’ time.
If you want some upmarket pieces for your office, consider renting art. Businesses can rent artwork on a cyclical basis, so you never have to look at the same painting for more than a few weeks or months.