Different Ideas For Logos Of A Silver Trading Site


Silver is always been under the shadow of gold and platinum as far as investment has been concerned, but the potential it can show in the upcoming years when it becomes scarcer and rarer can be phenomenal. Silver trading sites need to be attractive enough to garner investment from new and old clients alike, for which it important to present unique logos which are related to the ideas of:

– Silver;
– Trading;
– Companionship.

The following ideas can be utilized by silver trading sites.

1. Use of the Symbol Ag

Ag is the chemical symbol of the element silver, and if a trading company is exclusive to silver only, they can bend around or do something innovative with the two letters for example write them in a different language or a double minded font. The letters can represent two people for example, shaking hands for trading.

When the concept is portrayed clearly enough, the use of the color silver is not really needed, but whatever the logos color is it should have a shine to it because at the end of the day the metal is very valuable. Using the symbol Ag can really improve the performance of a trading site.

2. Using the Color Silver

The color should speak a lot for any logo, regardless of whether it consists mostly of letters, characters, or symbols. As the creative department you can also go or making a logo based on a different mix of colors which are shades of silver. There is obviously no compulsion to use silver only, so go ahead and try a blend of different shiny shades of colors.

The color can also be used as a complimentary one in case the entire logo is sufficient to give the idea that the service involves the trade of silver.

3. Using an Abstract Idea

We are well aware of brands which have logos completely unrelated to what the brand essentially stands for, yet they succeed because at the end of the day the logo is not the only identity of a brand. An abstract idea, however, does not mean that the logo is completely unrelated to what the trading service essentially does. There can be some hidden sequences within the logo which can be for the customers and clients to figure out so that they get impressed each time they look at the logo.

One common way of making logos attractive is by making it have two different meanings which can be accessed by looking at the logo upside down or in a mirror. This creativity really pays off when industries get really competitive.

Further Ideas

Your trading site can also have a logo that is not explicitly related to silver trading at all, and can represent other values such as compassion or customer satisfaction. The entire idea behind a logo is to create a fresh impact in the minds of potential traders, and once a site does that it is bound to grab attention.