More Bang for Your Buck with Roller Banner Advertising – Here’s How!


If you’ve done any marketing research, then we shouldn’t have to sell you on the benefits of using roller banners to promote your business, brand, product or service. Roller banners are extremely lightweight, portable, flexible in terms of graphic content, and highly cost-effective advertising media, which should always be optimised as a complement to other marketing strategies.

Just like with any other marketing tactic – you’ll want to measure the success of any banner advertising campaign you launch, and carefully monitor the results in terms of increased sales, brand awareness, etc., depending on the specific purpose of the campaign.

Easy design

And it gets better, you can now obtain a free to help you create an amazing banner campaign for your business. Using a template to design your roller banner makes the graphic design work even easier, and thus the overall cost of producing a banner less expensive.

Roller banner templates are just the latest in a long list of reasons to incorporate banner advertising as part of your overall business marketing strategy, especially as banners enjoy extremely competitive pricing, with various options costing less than £50, and replacement graphic panels as little as £25, making a long-term campaign with interchangeable promotional messages both sustainable and profitable.

Roller banner templates

To help create an amazing roller banner for your business, you should first consider the size of the banner, in relation to where you intend to display it. There are free templates available for a range of banner sizes, styles, and quality; for example:

– Midi Banner Template – 400mm x 1600mm
– Economy Banner Template – 800mm x 2000mm
– Budget Banner Template – 850mm x 2000mm
– Wide Budget Banner template – 1000mm x 2150mm
– Wide Premium Banner – 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.4m or 2.9m x 2150mm
– Indoor X-Banner – 600mm x 1800mm
– Outdoor X-Banner – 800mm x 1800mm

Getting more for your marketing money

Compare the cost of banner production, a one-off cost, and the length of time and number of applications for which it can be used in contrast to what you might be asked to pay for an online SEO campaign or series of digital ads on high profile sites, and you’ll soon realise the staggering value for money that banner advertising offers in terms of unit costs and potential return on investment.

What’s more, when you invest in roller banners for promotional purposes, you can take advantage of the following typical features:

– Lightweight yet stable and durable framework
– Long lasting anti-fade, scratch-resistant, banner surface
– Easily erected and dismantled
– Carry case or transport bag for easy portability

So, are you ready to create an eye-popping banner to help grow your business and brand?