25 Ways To Improve Your Business And Work


Prepare yourself to find out 25 ways that will help you improve your business and work. More exactly, we are talking about 25 web tools and services, tested and well researched, from different fields like cloud storage solutions, event ticketing system, web development services with excellent track record and many others. Find below small reviews for each of the analyzed web resource.


pCloud is among the top 5 global cloud storage services providers, delivering outstanding high-quality solutions since 2013. They number more than 7 million users and 7 PB stored files on their secure servers. To test the level of security they have asked 2,800 hackers and people from top universities like MIT, Boston or Berkeley, to try to crack their software. The results amazed the whole market, none of them succeeded. Their security is often compared to a military base. Maybe they are better as we have seen different government institutions hacked. There are important features that differentiate them from the competition. pCloud has a unique feature, the lifetime license. There are 2 such plans, one is $125 and the other $250, one-time cost. The indicated prices are hugely discounted and are affordable for everybody. Having something for the whole life is a different approach that we salute. Other cool things are the virtual drive when you install pCloud on your computer, the 0 file size restriction, and the client side encryption. pCloud has also a free plan that has 20 GB of cloud storage. It can be used on all types of devices and platforms: web browser extension, iOS, Android, OSX, Linux or Windows.
pCloud is great to use also for team collaboration, sharing files in seconds. Start using it, it’s the future and you will love it. Keep your files secured, first 20 GB for free.


Tickera is absolutely the best way to sell tickets with WordPress. This professional plugin can be quickly installed and configured to run your own ticketing web store. Add to that the fact that It has been already downloaded more than 80,000 times and you can’t really go wrong about it. Tickera is a complete solution from any point of view. It works with any well-coded WordPress theme on the market and packs serious number of features. Picking such solution will help you skip hiring designers and web developers to customize your web store.
Tickera supports hundreds of payment gateways with 20+ built-in payment gateways plus any WooCommerce payment gateway thanks to their Bridge for WooCommerce add-on. Keep in mind as well that they have 0% service fee.
Apart from Bridge for WooCommerce add-on there are also many other add-ons (total 26 of them) that will further expand Tickera functionality. For example, there is Seating Charts add-on to allow your customers to pick their seat for your show, Custom Forms to collect any information about the customers on the checkout and the list goes on and on.


Xfive is delivering outstanding web development services since 2006 when they have started as XHTML. For almost 2 years, they have rebranded because the new name is better representing them. X as being an eXperienced, eXtraordinary, eXclusive partner to their clients and five is based on the high five. These developers care about you and your projects. They can do everything you may need, front-end or back-end development, eCommerce, WordPress, Javascript, Sketch to HTML and much more. Xfive will quickly adapt to your needs, a single project or a team rental if needed. They can act as an extension of your company when you are low on people or you need professionals to help you finish your projects. Keep in mind that they are working with small companies, but also with the most important names in the world: Twitter, Microsoft or eBay. Get your quote from Xfive.


Fonts are as important as the website design, hosting solution or the team behind the project. A great font will stay in your customers or visitors mind and they will make them come back. It’s like any great thing that is on your website. Spending every day a couple of hours on the internet, we see awesome fonts that we may want to use and we don’t know anything about them. WhatFontIs will help you for free to identify the font by uploading a picture. It’s simple to use, in 3 straightforward steps. This software has a high processing speed and it’s fun to use.


Looking for the number one choice for WordPress themes? Ultra is the most popular, intelligent and complete solution on the market. It is packed with 11 add-ons, a powerful drag-and-drop builder, 60+ pre-designed layouts and much more. Comes with a bonus theme and one year of support and updates. Use on unlimited sites with a 30-day money back guarantee clause. The standard license is $49.


One of the most professional and complete Magento themes on the market is Argento. Created from start with the best eCommerce practices in mind and respecting the Magento guidelines, Argento is a high-quality theme which will set up high standards. Included in the price of $125 Lifetime theme license, you will get 18 add-ons worth $994. Check their website and start using Argento.


Having the best WordPress theme for your project is as important as every aspect of your business. MeridianThemes is a new WordPress themes creator on the market that has a powerful growth from one month to another. All their templates are fast, secure, flexible and easy to customize.


Activello is a brilliant free WordPress theme. The theme is SEO friendly with Schema compatible structure that will make Google love your website. Activello theme is also fast to loads providing additional SEO and usability boost. It is packed with the latest technologies and it’s super easy to customize. Download it for free.


Having a top website requires lots of money to invest into development, sales and support teams etc. Hosting solutions are equally important as your website will lose visitors and customers if your website is slow loading or if it is offline. Check these top solution and pick one that is a perfect fit for your business.


Codester is becoming the first option for graphic designers and web developers looking for an online marketplace to buy and sell all kind of scripts, apps, website templates and much more. The whole WordPress community keeps their eyes on Codester and you should too.


Video marketing is the best thing right now and more than 1,700,000 clients are having awesome results. You should start using it too, Wideo makes everything so simple. It’s the best video animation maker for business. Start from the included templates to save time, drag-and-drop elements and you end by having a great fully customized video. The pricing is budget friendly, it starts from $59 / month.

Uncode WordPress Theme

Uncode is a top choice multipurpose WordPress theme, popular among web designers, developers, and almost any people, designed with excellent attention to details, flexibility and performance. Uncode is packed with a tailored version of the powerful and respected drag-drop Visual Composer page builder, Revolution Slider, LayerSlider headers and iLightbox. It is loaded with 40+ pre-made gorgeous concepts ready to go or combine (full-screen, full-width, boxed, one-page scroll, landing page), anything you can think of can be built. Having all these features and also many others, Uncode can be used to build intelligent and professional websites.


Pagely is one of the best WordPress hosting solutions on the market. Their hosting solution is built upon Amazon Web Services, so resources are almost infinite. Sustain massive traffic without sacrificing performance and enjoy the developer flexibility not offered by competing solutions. Check their page for the whole list of features and sign-up.


Using LogotContest platform you will quickly get an affordable, original custom logo design, without being limited to the creativity of only one graphic designer and only a few design concepts to choose from? It’s super simple to use and the process is enjoyable. Run your own logo design contest now from only $200, and receive 40-650+ logo concepts in just a few days. Be connected with thousands of professional graphic designers from around the world.


Do you know that you can massive convert your abandoning visitors into customers and subscribers? And that the cost is small and affordable? MailMunh is a great tool that will help you build highly converting forms with a price starting from only $9 / month (they also offer a free plan).

uCalc.pro – Calculator builder

How to create a custom calculator or form without any coding skills? With uCalc.pro. A calculator can be made with using a convenient builder and will be useful for any website type: from amateur blogs with “just for laughs” calculations to commercial websites and estimating service costs with a PayPal invoice. Sign up for uCalc and get access to calculator statistics.


uSocial.pro provides services to interact with users having social media. “Like” buttons with counters show how valuable your content is, while the “eye-catcher” technology makes it impossible to overlook “Share” buttons promoting your visitors to send links to your website to their friends. All actions with buttons can be seen in your profile statistics. Just sign up for uSocial and start using it today.


RumbleTalk is a leading chat room app for websites. It has more than 559,000 customers. RumbleTalk offers an HTML5 chat room with various chat themes and lets you create your own stylish CSS skin. RumbleTalk can be used as a Group Chat platform by online businesses. The basic version is free, premium plan starts from $14 / month (50 seats, 1 or more chat rooms, and the rest is included).


Having a strong CRM software is mandatory for any company. Salesmate is a top, complete solution that can cover any team size or company, from small ones to large corporations. Using it you will automate part of your tasks and much more, it is packed with lots of features that you should check on their website. Start with 15 days free trial, no credit card required and then sign-up for their $15 monthly plan.


Goodie is made by experienced developers which are friendly and have a different approach. They focus on being flexible, transparent and on websites for small businesses. Goodie promotes a fixed price of $999 / website. Get in touch with them and start your project.


InvoiceBerry is the first invoicing option for small businesses and freelancers. Creating and customizing a professional invoice takes less than 60 seconds and the platform can do lots of things for you like tracking expenses and payments, create reports, manage clients etc. They offer a free forever plan and the premium package starts from $15 / month.


Userlytics can maximize your conversions and customer satisfaction, through optimizing the user experience. Iteratively user test your designs, concept sketches, wireframes and high fidelity prototypes with participants interacting with them from their homes and offices. Benchmark the designs against your existing assets, against the competition, and against best practice user experience sites and apps.

Picture-in-Picture videos of your target Persona as they interact with your prototype or website or mobile app from their home or office. As if you were looking over their shoulder!

Time on Task, Success/Failure and System Usability Scale (SUS) metrics. Branching logic that personalizes the user experience test script to the actions and responses of each participant, like moderated usability testing but with the scalability of unmoderated UX testing, and much more. Check it out!


PSDCenter has an excellent track record since 2009. Their front-end development team can do pretty much everything for you, including eCommerce projects if needed. The working process is transparent, you know every moment in which point your project is and they are coming with ideas to improve it. Get in touch with them.


CloudCart can help you sell your products online in no time, without having to hire developers and graphic designers and most importantly, without spending hundreds of dollars. Try CloudCart without a credit card for a free 14-day trial and sign-up for their plans that start from $9.99 / month. Keep in mind that connecting your Facebook and eBay accounts with your store is an easy process.


This is the best rank tracking solution on the market, you can track SERP Ranks in Google, Bing, Yahoo, & Youtube with a single click. It supports Desktop, Android, and iPhone Tracking. Most of the Companies out there Charge Monthly or Charge for Updates but Ezee Rank Tracker is One-off Fee. Its updated regularly from last 4 years and thats the speciality of this software.The price is affordable: $99 for a lifetime license.

Something that you need to keep in mind is the fact that most of these web resources are offering free trials or even free forever plans and can be easily tested to see how your company or your projects benefit from using them. Please share your thoughts with us by commenting below.