The Top 5 Web Design Trends For 2017


The year 2017 is far from over, but different web designs have emerged since the start of the year. Keeping up with modern web design trends can help you stand out and maintain great online branding. Here are the top five web designs for 2017 that will surely make you stand out on the web.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems

We often see movies with top-notch AI systems assisting the protagonist in a lot of ways. We might think that the idea is unlikely to happen in the near future, but these AI systems have continued to evolve in the web design industry in 2017. AI is already present in different websites and applications including Google Home, Apple’s Siri, Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon. Siri, for example, is an AI that assists the user in calling or texting someone, sending an email, or checking the weather. This emerging trend is far from over due to the endless possibilities an AI can do to assist the user.

2. Modernized Graphic Designs

Excellent graphic designs include customized illustrations based on your product’s branding. Having a non-generic graphic design can make you stand out on the web. Modern graphic trends in 2017 include bold typography with minimal background, bright gradients, vivid layers of color, and unique illustrations and icons. In the end, the graphic design should highlight the content instead of distracting the readers with the background.

3. Improved User Experience

Web designers have a hard time making a web design and content appropriate for all users. This is where responsive designs come in. They make the web contents more appropriate based on the user’s age, preference, and previous searches. Popular social media sites, applications, and search engines already employ this system wherein they suggest different contents and advertisements based on the user’s online behavior. Unique features and convenient user interfaces are also becoming more popular.

4. Videos and Animations

Short video clips and GIFs have become popular on different websites as these features add an eye-catching and unique content to your website compared to the static web page. Popular websites and social media sites including Wikipedia and Twitter already employ this feature. Ideally, the videos should deliver relevant contents, and not become a nuisance or distraction to the user.

5. Mobile-Friendly Approach

Due to the popularity and convenience of smartphones, these devices are now frequently used in browsing the web. Smaller screens of mobile phones do not allow all the contents of the web page to be seen at once. Some relevant contents might be ignored if the user failed to scroll through the whole web page. This urges the web designers to employ an effective interface that can adapt to mobile phones.

In 2017, emerging web design trends are no longer focused on stunning visuals and excellent color schemes but are oriented in delivering a better experience for the users. Web designers want to adapt to the needs of the users effectively. Keep in mind that the best websites employ different emerging trends for web design to make it appear unique, modern, user-friendly, and interactive.