The Top 3 Web Hosting Services in India and How They Differ


Finding the right web hosting service is one of the most crucial steps in establishing a website for an online business or a digital extension of an already established brick and mortar shop. India is a globally recognized digital hub flourishing with impressive technological talents and service providers that offer quality digital support at par with the best in the world. And when it comes to reputable web hosts, the country is not short of prospects for those who want to herald their online presence. Most web hosting services in India are competitive bunches that offer quality service with some degree of variations to suit the needs and preferences of clients. Check these hosting comparisons on MangoMatter to see the best options you can find.

Among the many web hosting service providers, some stand out among the rest, including the following with their offers and their edges in providing service.


Topping the list of excellent web hosting services in India is SiteGround. Founded in 2004 by a few university friends, it rose to fame and success hosting more than 50,000 domains all around the world today with more than 400 employees. It boasts of web hosting designed to superior experience and offers 3 hosting plans for its clients with the cheapest at $3.95 per month with a 30- day money back guarantee. The host excels in terms of ease of use and outstanding customer service that many clients approve of. The biggest advantage of SiteGround is that is among the very few that is recommended by WordPress

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting comes close second to SiteGround as a top web hosting service provider in India due mainly to its impressive cost- performance ratio with its packages starting at $ 3.92, which makes it the more affordable among the top 3 hosts. With 4 packages to choose from, it offers a little bit more flexibility to clients. It boasts of global well- optimized servers and outstanding customer support. Launched in October 2014 it is now enjoying a lot of clients and new deals from around the world.


Cloudways redefines web hosting and takes it to the next level with their more than 25 data centers, SSD based hosting, and servers through Digital Ocean, Google, Amazon, and many others. It has performance at par with SiteGround but the reason it came third is due to its higher price with packages starting at $7. CloudWays offer excellent cloud hosting and scalable and flexible service fit for growing businesses. CloudWays was founded in 2011 as Cloud Platform (PaaS) and has since then expanded to include offices in other parts of the world.

With a great choice in web hosting service, achieving a great deal of online success is not an impossible feat when establishing an online business in India. These sites and more have their respective sets of advantages and disadvantages that you need to explore to find the one that really suits your needs and preferences.