Pro Tips To Create and Use Business Cards Effectively


At the moment when communication becomes more and more digital (email, calls, SMS …), the business card remains an essential support because it has the advantage of being physically present in your contacts. It will allow prospects to easily find your contact information.
These few millimeters of paper are an excellent tool to stand out from its competitors, and strike the spirit of its contacts.

Business cards have evolved constantly over time. Its origins are ancient because it dates back to the 2nd century BC, during the Qin and Han dynasties. 
In Europe, the first business cards appear with the birth of the printing press and are intended to announce his visit. In the 17th century, business cards, called “trade cards”, appeared in England. Traders used it to locate their trade. In the 19th century, business cards grew and spread rapidly in Europe.

In the United States, a distinction is made between “visit cards” and “business cards”. The big families used the cards for their personal relations. The traders used the “business card” which allowed them to exchange their contact information. 
In the 21st century, business cards are exchanged in companies during meetings, appointments…. Then comes the graphic charter, consisting of the logo, the colors … bringing the visual identity of the company.

If your appearance and contact with your company are decisive at an appointment, be careful that your business card does not spoil your professional image!
To be effective, your business card must remain consistent with your global graphic charter (i.e. your colors, your logo …), so that your interlocutor is not surprised to receive a brochure with different colors, or Visit a store with a different sign. If you have several activities, you must create 2 different business cards.

No matter which design you choose, your map must be readable, you must be able to identify the essential information at a glance. Your card should reflect who you are and the image of your business. You must also adapt the visual of your card to your sector of activity.

Nevertheless a business card should not be a commercial brochure, its purpose is only to remind your interlocutor of your identity and the main services you offer:

– Who ? Company name, last name (s) and first name (s) 
– What? Business activity, your function. If possible describe your “Unique Selling Proposition”, ie what your company is different from others, the main argument that answers the question “Why buy from you rather than from a competitor”. 
– How? Contact details to reach the company, your contact details

Pro Tip: 
– Too much info, kill the info! Your business card is not an advertising insert, go to the basics. 
– The term “manager” is not a function, rather use commercial director, general manager … 
– Do not put his picture on the business card unless you are an artist and your face is your product. 
– Email has become indispensable, so avoid the addresses like, … and buy a website domain.

What should be put on a business card?
The main information that must appear on the card is therefore: 
1. Name of company 
2. Business activity (via slogan) 
3. First and last name of contact 
4. Function occupied 
5. Phone number 
6 Email address 
7. The internet address or the physical address (depending on whether the activity is more internet or physical) 

When delivering a business card, you must accompany your pitch. The pitch is to be able to present in less than 30 seconds its business, what it does, its target and how it is different from other companies. 

When you are meeting with several people from the same company, do not forget to hand over your business card to all the people, not just to the chief, so do not offend anyone…

Tips from Pro 
– If you do a lot of shows, networking evenings … you risk collecting business cards (or pieces of paper with contacts) and you cannot find your contacts again. It is therefore advisable to gather your contacts in a centralized database (Excel, MS Outlook)

It is possible to make event cards to be given on a trade show, during promotions, this will give an additional pretext to hand over a business card. Similarly it is very interesting to make several business cards depending on the service that is sold to show that we are a specialist in this field. Simply print small quantities of each real estate business cards theme via GotPrint.

Pro Tips: 
– It is interesting to create at least 2 visiting cards, one for the clients and the other for prospects. The card for prospects to indicate all information to help them to place orders, while the customer card will highlight your services and any promotions, product outputs … If you have only one business card It should be given to your client almost every time, not just the first appointment. You cannot imagine the number of cards “lost” in the drawers … 

– In some professions or important posts, it may be interesting not to put his mobile phone number “Pro” so as not to be harassed,
The business card is also used in the place of sale in free distribution , left on tables during an evening … allowing passers-by, customers … to take out business cards to find your address and talk to their friends. In this case the business card can be generic with only the information about the company and its offer, without personal contact details.
Finally, your business card must always be sent with your letters, brochures … with a small personalized word for your recipient.

The business card is the “identity card” of your company, it must reflect your offer.
It is therefore important to think carefully about the layout, images, words… 

It is possible to print business cards on papers such as transparent, chrome, silver, gold, grain … Choose a square or round format, use a varnish … but you have to keep it in mind that your business card does not aim to win the prize for originality, but it must quickly inform the owner about your business and do not cause confusion.