4 Overlooked Marketing Techniques That Will Strengthen Your Audience


A typical consumer’s path starting from the initial inspiration to research, comparison of products and final conversion is not a linear process. Hence, regardless of how good your products or services are your business cannot grow without an effective marketing strategy. This includes reaching your target audience through the right channels and delivering the right message at the right time.

Here are 4 of the most commonly overlooked marketing techniques that can strengthen your audience, which allow you to gain a competitive edge and drive more sales.

Use of Google Analytics and other Analytical Tools

In order to fix a problem within your marketing strategy, you have to firstly identify the issue. Here, utilising an analytical tool can help determine the aspects of your marketing campaign which are not working. Google Analytics is an excellent tool which can allow you to observe and track the marketing channels which typically bring in the bulk of your website traffic. It can also be used to identify the channels which are not working. In other words, the use of Google Analytics can allow businesses to understand their target audience better through insights into who visits your websites, how they landed on your site and the pages they spend the most time on.

Businesses that understand and can successfully interpret potential consumers’ intent, needs, and wants are in a better position to identify the correct target audience for their products. In terms of marketing, this information can allow you to create content which is geared towards your target market. For example, if 90 % of a website’s visitors are young men, you can deliver a personalised experience by starting your ‘welcome’ page with a simple ‘Hey Guys!’

Engage Customers through Relevant Messages across Different Platforms

This is one of the most important, yet commonly overlooked marketing strategies. Once you know your customers, you can deploy targeted messages across platforms such as YouTube, Gmail, etc. These messages can be in the form of display ads which are based on the interests, demographics and browsing history of your consumers.
Additionally, audience targeting can be used to target high-value customers with incentives and special offers such as providing loyal customers with the option of an e-mail sign-up. You can also create ‘Audiences’ in Google Analytics for recently converted users or those who spend more time on your website and target them through the ‘Optimise’ feature.

Focus on Different Aspects of SEO

All businesses know the importance of search engine optimisation for their website. However, there are certain aspects of SEO that are often overlooked or ignored. These include navigation optimisation, tag optimisation and link reclamation. Each of these can prove to be extremely valuable for your digital marketing campaign. Here is how:

Navigation optimisation – this is about providing visitors with an easy way to move through the website and allowing them to see all that a business is offering. Keyword research can be used to effectively build a navigation which provides multiple landing pages based on the behaviour and interests of your visitors.

Another factor of easy navigation optimisation is the design element of your site, it should be intriguing in order to capture your visitor’s attention and leave them actually wanting to look around your website. It is understood that few people will want to sit there for hours creating a design, which is why there are many professional companies out there whom will create unique, intuitive, and responsive websites for you. Looking for someone to help you design your website? One company worth considering is designbypelling.co.uk who offer numerous services (such as web design, graphic design, branding and print services). Not only can they help to beautifully design your site, but they will help you gain visibility in the competitive world.

Tag optimisation – this includes optimising your heading, title, and description tags across the entire website. This will cover a certain percentage of high level areas the search engines algorithms look at and which can impact visitor click through rates, and engagement.
Link reclamation – switching domains or moving your content to new pages is a common practice for e-commerce stores. Link reclamation is a crucial aspect for holding on to your authority. You can use multiple tools to find links for old URLs which are not being used and request that they lead to an existing URL.

Continuously test your Calls to Actions (CTAs)

A call to action (CTA) is a prompt to your website visitors which is designed to provoke an immediate action or response. While marketers and businesses know the value of adding effective CTAs on their websites, it is important to continuously test these prompts. CTAs can be tested through complex multi-variation testing or simple A/B testing. Based on the results, you should continuously tweak your CTAs as this can have a significant impact on your conversion rates. You can experiment with different coloured buttons or use slide in images versus static images for CTAs – just remember to thoroughly test your CTAs to know what works.

There are many other marketing techniques commonly overlooked by businesses which can drive customer engagement and sales. The world of digital marketing is constantly changing and in today’s fast paced environment, it can be difficult to stay up to date on the latest trends. Hence, to ensure that your business is not losing out on customers or for increasing customer engagement, you can easily avail the services of a professional digital marketing agency which has the required expertise and in-depth knowledge of current trends across SEO, PPC, content and social media marketing.