Why are Website Colors Important to the Success of Your Business?


It doesn’t matter what industry your business serves, having a website that looks attractive is key to the success of your business. Obviously, if you only have a site just to look more professional, it’s not going to matter as much as it would to a business that relies on their site to make sales, but it’s still very important nonetheless that time and money are invested in making a site look excellent. So, why are the colors of a website so important?

Website Colors Give a Business Identity

Website colors play a huge role in giving a business an identity. Whether you already have a branded logo or not, the colors matter a great deal when it comes to a website. You may already have a sign-written van with your logo and website address on and if people see your website is completely different to the colors of your logo, they may think twice about whether they are on the right site or not.

Colors are Important to Your Demographic

As a business, you’ll likely want to target a certain type of person or business to buy your goods and/or services. For example, if you run a hair salon for women, you’ll obviously want to target women to pay for their treatments. Statistics show women don’t like orange or brown colors but they do prefer pink, purple and blue. So, it’s highly important your site represents the demographic you’re targeting to give your site a better chance.

Poor Color Choice = Fewer Conversions

You may not realize that a poor choice of colors can ultimately put you in a lower bracket when it comes to the percentage of conversions. As stated above, targeting a specific demographic is the only way forward when it comes to marketing and advertising. If you don’t get the color choice for that specific demographic right, they’re likely to leave the site and never look back.

Style of a Site Is Also Important

While colors play a crucial role in making a website attractive, the style is just as important. Whether you adopt a flat color approach to your site’s design or you’re going for a web 2.0 look, getting the style right is going to make colors stand out more. Again, picking the style for your site is going to rely on your overall demographic and color palette, but it’s something that should be considered as highly important.

A new site or an overhaul to an existing one should always be planned in detail, especially when it comes to the chosen color palette and style. As stated above, if your site doesn’t have the right colors for its industry or audience, it’s not going to have a very good conversion rate. Did you know 93% of shoppers will only shop on a specific site if they are comfortable with the overall style and color of the site? This is a huge percentage of potential customers you’re missing out on if you don’t pay special attention to this aspect of web design.